Radiance is this simple.

Nadine formulates with a palette of ingredients that nourish, replenish and infuse the intelligent juice of botanicals into every bottle. The result is radiance and cellular-harmony allowing the breathabilty and the beauty of your nature to shine through. If every cell is pulsing with music and life, if every fiber of one’s being harmonizes like harp strings, Renegade Beauty is the angelic-chorus that shimmers a song of beauty to your every cell.

Nature is effortless beauty. Beauty that flows thru you, not applied to you. Beauty is not another regime of becoming. It is luxurious ease. Your own beauty is now, that clear, that near. ~ Nadine Artemis, Inhale Is

The loose hair strands of beautiful women don’t have to be combed. ~ Rumi

The fairest flower blooms in you. Groom each petal. Gifts from the land, bring a wild reception to be your finest bathing attendants. The sun, the moon, the wind, the rivers, the rain, the soil, the trees, and leaves are all here to bathe in, on and around you.