Oral Care Refill Bundles

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Oral Care Refill Bundles -new

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  • Oral Care Refill Bundles -new
  • Oral Care Refill Bundles -new
  • Oral Care Refill Bundles -new

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Oral Care Refill Bundles - All the basics for the 8 Steps for Successful Self Dentistry at a special price.

Option 1: Ozonated Happy Gum Gel 10ml, Neem Enamelizer 30ml, Happy Gum Drops 15ml, Frankincense*Fresh Truth ToothPaste 15ml, and Smart Floss

Option 2: Neem Enamelizer 15ml, Happy Gum Drops 15ml, Frankincense*Fresh Truth ToothPaste 15ml, and Smart Floss

Option 3: Neem Enamelizer 15ml, Happy Gum Drops 5ml, Frankincense*Fresh Truth ToothPaste 15ml, and Smart Floss


Impressed by results and no sensitivity

I started using this bundle two weeks ago with the Healthy Gum Drops, Neem Enamelizer, Frankincense TrueTooth toothpaste and the Smart Floss. I'm pleasantly surprised and have really noticed a difference in this short time. I do a himalayan salt brine swish, followed by a drop of healthy gum drops and neem enamelizer on a dry brush, swish with water, then a Sonicare with the frankincense toothpaste, and floss with smart floss/healthy gum drops. While the taste of the enamelizer and toothpaste is not all that great, I just make sure to swish immediately so I don't taste it. Using this method leaves me with fresh breath all day (not minty, but definitely not mid-morning dragon breath like I got with regular toothpaste). The enamelizer leaves my teeth very smooth and silky, I love it! My gums bled the first two days using the floss and healthy gum drops, but no more bleeding after that so I think it's been great for my gums! Also, I've had sensitive teeth for years and had to use Sensodyne every day, so I was worried that switching to this method would make my teeth sensitive, but nothing so far!! I'm really happy with my results and look forward to natural oral care for years to come!


Neem Enamelizer

Neem Enamelizer is specially formulated to replace regular toothpaste. Keeping saliva alkaline is essential for healthy mineralized enamel. Neem Enamelizer will leave your teeth feeling smooth and further allow minerals, enzymes and nutrients in your saliva to re-mineralize the enamel. This alkalinizing liquid-polish is made organic and wild crafted ingredients of neem, cinnamon, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba, soapwort and spring water. Only one tiny drop is needed on a dry tooth brush. Our Neem Enamelizer is different in function and results from our Yogi Tooth Serum and Happy Gum Drops products. The Neem Enamelizer replaces toothpaste and is for the brushing stage only. Whereas the Tooth Serums are for many phases of oral care, including: brushing, flossing, massaging gums, and post-dental work.

Optimal oral ecology includes a vast sea of saliva, a sea of saline alkalinity. Imagine that your mouth is a coral reef and your teeth are the coral, lubricated by this ocean of saliva. Alkaline, saline saliva is your personal, self-made mouthwash that keeps your teeth, tongue, gums, and breath happy.

Your saliva is a perfect blend of chemicals and enzymes that exist specifically to take care of the teeth, and it bathes the teeth all day long in a solution that has a pH of approximately 7. This is exactly what your teeth and gums need. Saliva can re-mineralize or de-mineralize teeth. It manages bacterial flora in the mouth, prepares food for digestion, and produces certain vital hormones. If saliva is too acidic, it dissolves the enamel on your teeth and creates an environment more receptive to unfriendly bacteria. The longer the mouth remains acidic, the more damage is done to the enamel. Weak, porous enamel and gum tissue leads to sensitive teeth. Furthermore, saliva that has too much alkalinity excretes excess calcium and can create calculus build up on the teeth.

Commercial toothpastes give an illusion of freshness, yet it does not really remove plaque, it is the brushing that does that. It is best to be minimalist about it and use a dry toothbrush with a dab of salt, baking soda, or a Tooth Serum.

The synthetics used in commercial toothpaste, including many of the brands sold in health food stores, include chemicals that you do not want in your mouth, such as glycerin, which coats the teeth and blocks the saliva from doing its primary job of re-mineralizing the enamel. Also, what paste would be complete without the detergent and surfactant sodium lauryl sulfate to make toothpaste foamy? This known carcinogen breaks down your skin's natural barrier, easily penetrates skin, causing bleeding gums, and allows other chemicals to penetrate by increasing skin permeability approximately 100-fold. Additionally, when combined with other chemicals, it transforms into carcinogenic nitrates and can reside in the body for five days.

Some toothpastes contain propylene glycol, a close relative of ethylene glycol used as anti-freeze, which is not to be handled in a lab without gloves. There are also FD&C colorants (including coal tar derivatives that contain heavy metals and accumulate in the body), formaldehyde, Triclosan (a registered pesticide and bio-persistent chemical that destroys fragile aquatic ecosystems), artificial sweeteners, and synthetic isopropyl alcohol.

Ethanol is the primary ingredient in most mouthwashes, even though it is known to contribute to oral cancer. Yet when people learn that they have breath or gum problems, they go out and get a new brand of toothpaste and a big bottle of ethanol-based mouthwash.

Living Libations oral care products are concentrated serums that are water and alcohol free.

Happy Gum Drops

Happy Gum Drops help you to have the cleanest mouth and sweetest breath ever. Happy teeth, tongue, and gums allow you the full enjoyment of life's sensuality. Happy Gum Drops reaches into all the tiny crevices in your mouth and leaves them sparkling clean.

Happy Gum Drops contains super-critical extracts and essences of seabuckthorn berry, rose otto, oregano, peppermint, clove, tea tree, cinnamon, and thyme linalool. These organic and wild-crafted ingredients anoint all areas of oral care.

If you like flossing, you will love Happy Gum Drops! If you don’t like flossing, you will love Happy Gum Drops!

For pretty-in-pink gums use a drop for brushing, flossing, massaging gums, and mouth-rinses. A drop on a proxa brush, sulca brush, and rubber-tip stimulators may also help give you a clean, beautiful smile.

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Essential oils are extremely potent, often hundreds of times stronger than the herbal extraction of the same plant. Genuine distillations of plants, flowers, seeds, roots, and trees have been used for centuries. Every oil has hundreds of botanical components. Each one of the oils in these formulas is carefully

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