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Listen to Nadine’s Interview with Daniel Vitalis.
Nadine Artemis on Wise Interaction with the Sun.


It is a commonly-held (and media-fueled) belief in our culture that sun is bad and sunscreen is good. Not only is this inaccurate, but in fact, the opposite is true: Our skin is quite literally designed to be exposed to the sun’s rays, and sunscreen use actually causes a host of issues (one of which, ironically, is skin cancer). Nadine Artemis — sense visionary and founder of Living Libations — joins us to set the record straight on sun exposure and goes over how to properly interact with the sun for optimal health.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Why you shouldn’t suntan through glass
  • How sunscreen works
  • Benefits of sungazing
  • Sunlight and bacteria
  • Why you don’t want empty vitamin D receptors
  • Negative press surrounding sun exposure and skin
  • Wise interaction with the sun
  • Kids and sun exposure
  • Our skin is designed to be exposed to the sun’s rays
  • What we ingest determines how our skin responds to sunlight
  • Skin cancer myths debunked
  • Using plant oils to harmonize your skin with the sun in lieu of toxic sunscreens

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Listen to Nadine's Interview with Dr. Jones on Super Entrepreneur.
Nadine Artemis : How Organic Luxury Personal Care Products Transform Your Oral, Skin and Body Microbiome To Create High Performance

After an early experience with skin care and perfumes Nadine Artemis was set on a journey to find natural solutions using essential oils ultimately launching Living Libations

One area of your life where you might be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and parabens is skin care. Nadine shares the issues that plague many “natural” products and what she’s been doing to truly create something that is better for the body.

The Oral Microbiome

An incredibly important piece of your overall well being. We share research and statistics on what you need to know about what you’re putting in your mouth and how it’s affecting you. (some of these stats are going to seriously blow your mind)

Can you actually reverse cavities in your teeth? Find out what Nadine has to share.

The Skin Microbiome

Did you know that one shower in chlorinated water is the same as drinking an entire glass of chlorinated water. It goes to show the power of the skin and how it affects your entire body.
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Listen to Nadine's Interview on The Ultimate Health Podcast.
The Science & Magic Of Essential Oils | Stop Using Soap On Your Face | Combat Cellulite, Naturally.

In this episode:

  • Nadine's story and how Living Libations came to be
  • Bringing a new form of chocolate bar to the market
  • Preserving the skin's natural micro biome
  • Traditional beauty products only temporarily moisturize, causing reliance
  • Naturals alternatives to K-Y Jelly
  • Traditional lubricants can negatively affect fertility
  • A healthy gut = healthy skin
  • The importance of a shower filter
  • Does supplementing with vitamin D3 replace the sun?
  • Vitamin D receptors are everywhere, even where the sun don't shine
  • Sunscreen blocks you from getting vitamin D
  • Harmonize your circadian rhythm by sungazing
  • Sunglasses block the healing benefits of the sun
  • Sun on the testicles increases testosterone
  • Home remedies to help protect you from the sun + soothe a burn
  • DNA is meant to deal with a sunburn
  • Stop using soap on your face
  • The best way to wash your face - a step by step guide
  • The science + mystical magic of essential oils
  • The scary truth about perfumes
  • Many essential oils are not real
  • Combating cellulite, naturally

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Listen to Nadine’s Interview with Mistress Hava and Clementine Libre.
Nadine will be sharing with them how to avoid the dentist without ignoring the health of our teeth.
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Nadine Interviews Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D on Essential Oils
I am thrilled to share with you a recent conversation I recorded with Dr. Kurt Schnuabelt, the author of my favorite aromatherapy books: The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils, Advanced Aromatherapy, and Medical Aromatherapy; Healing with Essential Oils.

Undaunted by reductionist modern medicine, Kurt is an expert advocate for the life affirming chemistry of plants and essential oils. His career began as a chemist in Munich, Germany, and then he turned maverick. Ditching modern medical molecules, he now proclaims the scientific practice of French medicinal aromatherapy and champions genuinely pure oils from authentic distillation.

Kurt eloquently explains plant intelligence and how this intelligence heals us. The formation of a plant’s healing essence is a beautiful and intricate process: “The plants have a reservoir of genes and processes that are coded for by these genes. When their growing conditions arise or change, plants, depending on what they sense, will respond by expressing those genes that code for the appropriate response to whatever condition or challenge just arose. This is why truly authentic oils differ by origin and why one oil will be more or less different from another oil, both from the same plant species though grown in different locations. When we have an authentic oil, we have the response of the plant to its environment, in which lies the unquantifiable healing power of this natural selection process at work. When we have a standardized oil, 'pure' as it may be, we have the response of the engineer who did the standardizing.”

Kurt co-founded the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in 1983. The Pacific Institute offers comprehensive classes and seminars on the intelligence of plants and the science of aromatherapy. This year, on November 6-8 in beautiful San Francisco, they are hosting the 8th International Aromatherapy Conference themed, “Unlimited Possibilities.” I am really looking forward to this conference, and I hope you to see you there! Click Listen Here below to listen to our conversation on essential oils and hear why Kurt says about oils, “Everything is for everything.”
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Winter of Wellnes
Alison Marks of Winter of Wellness interviews Nadine - February 2015
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Breast Health World Summit
Jessica Susan Carter of Breast Health World Summit interviews Nadine - October 2014
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Younger More Vibrant Skin
Elaine Wilkes of interviews Nadine - August 2012
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Super Immunity & Medicinal Aromatherapy
with Nadine Artemis - August 2010

Tooth Truth: Nutrition & the Eight Successful Self-Dentistry Steps
with Nadine Artemis - May 2010

Nadine on*
All About Essential Oils - April 2009

Renegade Beauty – Radiance, Skin in the Sun and Nourishing Skin - September 2009

Successful Oral Care - October 2009

Culinary Use of Essential Oils, Incense & Meditation - January 2010

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Nadine interviewed on January 2010


Essential Oils - Elegant, effective medicine - January 2010
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The Art of Aromatherapy - March 2010
Nadine Artemis interviewed on
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Anoint Yourself and Indulge Your Senses
Nadine Artemis interviewed on
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On the Levity of Flowers
Nadine Artemis addresses a live audience in San Francisco.
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