Successful Self-Dentistry Kit

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successful self dentistry kit

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  • successful self dentistry kit
  • successful self dentistry kit
  • Successful Self-Dentistry Kit

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Happy, healthy teeth and gums let you take the biggest bite out of life! Relish your most splendid smile yet with our custom-created Dental Kits – unique collections of our most effective oral care libations. Choose from Yogi Tooth Serum and Neem ToothPaste, Happy Gum Drops and Clay ToothPaste, or Mint and Myrrh Tooth Serum and Frankincense ToothPaste. Each kit has everything you need to maintain optimal oral ecology while practicing our 8 Steps for Successful Self Dentistry.

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Seriously my teeth have never been SO beautiful and they became super white! They feel so healthy and nourished. I love my 8step routine, my mouth always feels so clean!❤️

Best ever

Love @livinglibations dental products . My dentist asked me the other day if I was still using them cos the difference *** was huge after just two weeks of use. Keep using them she said. Happy gums drops, mirth and mint serum, frankincense toothpaste, ionic toothbrush. Best ever

My teeth feel brand new, alive and really happy

"I bought the self dentistry kit, BSE, and several other items, I must say, I am so happy with the dental kit! My teeth feel brand new, alive and really happy. I no longer wonder if my breath is fresh, because I know that it is... If you have wanted to buy the kit and did not because of the cost, I understand. I looked at it for several months. I was going to ""make my own kit"" etc.... Just buy it... I LOVE my bag and I pay closer attention to my mouth now instead of avoiding potential issues. Also, buy the Ozone Gel, I did not and now I have to place a second order..hahah. The self confidence from having the cleanest mouth ever is so worth the cost of the kit, ionic toothbrush and the Ozone gel. Living Libation is self LOVE products, it is impossible to not love your self more while using Living Libations products. They bring out the inner Egyptian Goddess in yourself. Thank you LL for the amazing work you do...."


Thank you! I have been using your dental products for years now, and they completely revolutionized my dental visits, my teeth and mouth look and feel fantastic.

I love this kit!

I love this kit and am going to continue using LL products for my teeth and mouth. Before buying the kit, I started the 8 steps with the products I already have on hand so I would get used to the new protocol. When the kit arrived I was ready to start optimizing my dental care. I use a silicon mini gum brush and round tongue brush In addition to the items in the kit. I added a 5mL bottle of the Myrrh drops and loved that for the salt rinse, the flossing and the final *** application. The steps are fast to learn and fast to do. I like all the products in the kit but am going to explore other LL oral items like the Frankincense tooth powder and the ozonating drops. I like that the terry cloth bag keeps it all together. The greatest thing about using this kit is that my mouth is so clean and my teeth are plaque-free!*** This kit is worth its cost for the wellbeing I experience by using it. Everyone tells me my teeth look amazing. My teeth stay clean feeling for long periods of time. By the way, the ionic brush is GENIUS. My only complaint are nominal: getting used to unwaxed floss and keeping my fingers wet and properly positioned on the ionic brush’s steel band. Fast international shipping from Prince Edward Island to the Midwest USA and well packaged (but minimal packing materials). Thanks for creating a great kit!

My teeth are %100

I use the Living Libations tooth care kit often. It has saved my teeth and they feel cleaner than ever before. I haven't been to the dentist in 5 years. My teeth are %100!. Thanks to you Living Libations and the natures nutrient rich elements.

I'm converted forever!

"Thanks so much for your good work! I just started with your dentistry plan,it save me! Im converted forever! Blessed is everthing you do i use now a lot of your products! Not going back!everthing seems rubber and artificial on my skin compared to yours! You and Ron are Great Plant Ambassadors of the Planet! Thank you so much! Great love and blessings for your work! "

A clean, happy, harmonious delicious mouth!

For those interested to boost their oral *** care and avoid dentists for the rest of their life check out Nadine Artemis' incredible concoctions for oral care: My favs include "Happy Gum Drops" "Yogi Tooth Serum" "Frankincense Toothpaste" "Neem Enamalizer" and my fav tool to use is the "tongue scraper" Be sure to watch her videos to learn how you too can live with a clean, happy, harmonious delicious mouth (body and mind balance result too) and be sure to read her most informative book on "Holistic Dental Care" *** All these will surely change your life! Thank you Nadine and Team!

I haven't been to the dentist in 5 years!

"This is why I haven't been to the dentist in 5 years (except for an annual tooth cleaning of plaque removal) Nadine Artemis is a miracle and she will change the way you test your mouth and oral care! Good bye dentists And scary commercialization and hellos freedom of effective natural oral care practices! *** my fav product of hers is to floss with ""happy gum drops"""

Healing, fresh, clean and healthy

I've been using Living Libations self dentistry for about 3 years. The health of my gums and teeth has improved so much that the hygienist barely needs to do anything. Periodontist is amazed that the soft tissue issues that I was having for years not only stabilized in a few months of using the LL dentistry kit, the issues are reversing. There is nothing like cleaning your mouth with these products... Healing, fresh, clean and healthy.

Thank you for all that you do

I just wanted to express my gratitude, and thought you should know about the great results. I started slowly using your dental products last October. On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, my dental hygienist said I was due for a slide. She had trouble finding plaque in my mouth. When the slide was viewed after developing, no harmful bacteria was detected. Only lower amounts of harmless bacteria, which both hygienists said was necessary. Both hygienists wanted to know what I was doing. The one said "I had to go all over your mouth to make that slide!". My mouth feels clean all the time so I was not too surprised. I told them about you and the eight steps. I just ordered your book, and I'm sure I will be helping a lot of people to learn how to use your products. Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you so much

Thank you SO much for what you've done for my teeth and the overall wellbeing of my mouth. I am so happy with the *** kit that I purchased. After only 3 DAYS ***my mouth feels more balanced, my breath is fresher and my teeth are noticeably, naturally whiter. My husband has been using it as well. Our love life had been struggling for some time due to my husband's bad breath. These products actually kill bacteria that cause bad breath and my husband smells so fresh! I'm just so happy. You not only helped our mouths but you helped our marriage. Thank you for all you do.

Total convert!

"I recently did a review of Nadine Artemis’ book, Holistic Dental Care I learned so much from the book, that I was excited to apply what I learned to my daily dental care routine, plus try out the Living Libations Tooth Care product line. I’ve been using natural tooth care products for the past ten years. I got interested in other approaches to dental care through my grandfather. You see, my grandfather lived to 103 years old, and he had perfect teeth (and was in perfect health). He did something very different to anyone I know. His entire life he brushed his teeth with a tooth brush and a bar of soap. He never used mainstream toothpaste. The last twenty years of his life, he also used a Waterpik in his daily tooth care routine. About ten years ago I decided to follow my grandfather’s lead, but instead of using a bar of soap to brush my teeth, I used Toothsoap or Dr. Bronner’s Soap. I found it worked just as good as toothpaste to clean my teeth, minus the questionable ingredients in mainstream toothpaste that you’re warned not to swallow. I also found brushing my teeth with soap to be very gentle ***. The only drawback using soap to wash my teeth was it didn’t give me that fresh taste toothpaste does, and I found it to be quite drying like most toothpastes. Over the last ten years of using soap to brush my teeth, I’ve also tried and experimented with other homemade toothpaste recipes and even some natural toothpaste products because as good as the soap was, I yearned for the fresh minty taste that I got from regular toothpaste. Unfortunately, for the most part, the recipes and products I tried either left me completely disappointed, or worse, some of the things I tried had adverse effects. Because of my bad experiences with natural toothpastes and DIY toothpaste recipes, I often shudder at the thought of trying any other natural tooth product again. I tend to just stick with the soap, or I have found brushing my teeth with coconut oil to also be effective ***, especially if my mouth needs an extra gentle touch. I love Living Libations skin care products. Some of you asked me to do a review of their tooth care line. Part of me was excited to do it, but another part of me was terrified – what if their products turned out to be as bad as everything else I’ve tried? Or worse, what if the products had adverse effects on my teeth and mouth like all the other natural stuff? Despite my fears, I went ahead and tried some of their tooth care products. After reading Nadine Artemis’ book Holistic Dental Care, I knew that her approach was all about being gentle ***, while at the same time, she strongly emphasizes the importance of thoroughly cleaning the teeth, mouth ***(which I like). And yes, I was pleasantly surprised by the tooth care product range by Living Libations. In fact, they far excelled my expectations. I will go as far to say that I won’t ever return to using soap to brush my teeth, and I have now found safe and perfect tooth care products that does everything I want and more! Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste As I mentioned above, I’ve always had disastrous results using any tooth product or DIY toothpaste recipe that contains clay.*** So as you can imagine, I was nervous trying Living Libations Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste. Real nervous. Luckily, it harmonized well with my mouth, and the toothpaste has proven to be the best I have ever used. It’s not only safe, natural, and an effective toothpaste, but best of all it doesn’t leave my mouth dry, and… it makes my mouth minty fresh! Yes, minty fresh. To get the most out of this product, it’s really important to follow Nadine Artemis’ tooth care protocol. I use very little of the tooth paste (the size of a tiny crumb!) on a dry tooth brush, and I LIGHTLY brush my teeth for a few minutes (I aim to brush my teeth for 3-5 minutes, as lightly as possible). Nadine Artemis emphasizes brushing lightly for longer, as opposed to brushing roughly or strongly for shorter periods of time (which is what most people do). Following her protocol of how to brush my teeth more thoroughly and more gently, I do get a much deeper and efficient cleaning. I’ve tried using her technique of light brushing for longer periods of time with tooth soap and regular toothpaste, but it doesn’t work because you can’t have the soap or regular toothpaste in your mouth too long or it starts to burn, and leaves your mouth REALLY dry. But on the other hand, using Living Libations Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste doesn’t burn if you’re brushing your teeth for longer time, and as long as you don’t brush your teeth too roughly, it is gentle on your mouth. I have to say, I’ve been so pleased with this toothpaste, and my new brushing style as well. I’ve notice a significant decrease in tartar build up *** (I’m prone to that), my teeth and mouth are much cleaner. I just love how clean and fresh this product makes my mouth feel. This is the only product I have ever found that doesn’t make my mouth feel dry after cleaning, which is a huge plus. Happy Gum Drops I really love this stuff. If you want to take flossing to the next level and really clean in between your teeth and maintain a happy mouth – add Happy Gum Drops to your teeth cleaning routine. Pretty much I use one drop of Happy Gum Drops on my dry tooth brush (with the Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste) to brush my teeth, and another drop on my dental floss (run one drop of Happy Gum Drops along the surface of your dental floss right before flossing your teeth). Since starting to use Happy Gum Drops, I will never stop using it. I have used Living Libation Yogi Tooth Serum before, which can be used the same way as the Happy Gum Drops (put a drop on tooth brush and/or coat your dental floss with it), but the Yogi Tooth Serum is some seriously strong stuff! It has neem oil in it, which is strong in flavour and smell (and not necessarily minty fresh, more like earthy curry!). Neem has great and potent properties, but for my mouth (and regular use), I much prefer the freshness of Happy Gum Drops, and I love it so much, I’ll never skip a use. If you find using Happy Gum Drops neat is too strong, I would recommend brushing your teeth with coconut oil and one drop of Happy Gum Drops on a dry tooth brush. This for me is a great way to clean in a very gentle way. It will leave your mouth fresh and clean, the essentials oils in Happy Gum Drops have effective cleaning properties, and the combination of coconut oil and Happy Gum Drops is completely gentle***. I must mention as well, Living Libations sent me Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss, and oh my goodness, this is the best dental floss I’ve ever tried. It works great at breaking up tarter, it’s strong yet very soft, and it doesn’t shred, break, or fall apart when flossing. For best results, use it in conjunction with Happy Gum Drops. Tooth Truth Powder Polish If you are a regular green juice or green smoothie drinker like me, you need a tooth polish. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, you definitely need this tooth polish. Anyone that eats or drinks food that can stain or dull their teeth, would benefit from using Living Libations Tooth Truth Powder Polish. This Tooth Truth Powder Polish is a fantastic tooth polish for brightening and whitening your teeth without using harsh chemicals or bleach. Because I have a delicate mouth, I only use it once a week. I find that’s all I need to keep my teeth shiny, bright, and white. Over time I’ve noticed my teeth getting even brighter, which is always a plus. So far the tooth care products I have tried, Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste, Happy Gum Drops and Tooth Truth Powder Polish, makes taking care of my teeth a pleasure. It might sound kind of strange, but I actually look forward to my tooth care routine every morning and night! I guess when something is so good for you and you see and feel the results, you can’t help but get excited about it. I strongly recommend Living Libations Tooth Care products, and I also recommend Nadine Artemis’ book Holistic Dental Care. If you want to take your tooth care protocol to the next level and enjoy happy clean teeth, I strongly recommend following Nadine Artemis’ tooth care protocol (found in her book and website) and do give her tooth care products a try. You might end up like me, a total convert!"


"I just wanted to let you know how amazing the oral care kit is. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and it is a game changer. My teeth have never felt so clean and it has already taken stains off of my teeth - I am a customer for life now. Thanks for everything you do, you have an amazing gift!"

Just WOW!

OK, you have to stop making all these AWESOME products because i want them all!!!! I am completely obsessed with all of the oral care steps and products! I have had teeth & mouth issues since i was in my 20's as a broke single mom the last thing i could do was take care of myself so i have struggled with these issues for 30 years. Now with your products (I am a grandma in my 50's) my teeth & mouth feel invigorated and vital! I love taking care of my teeth *** with products that actually work! I can't thank you enough Nadine and all of the Living Libations team! WOW just WOW! I Literally want every single thing you make! It's a God send!

Finally my Teeth are in a *** stable place!

I just wanted to send you a love bomb because I just had a dental exam and my teeth are finally in a stable *** place. I really owe a lot to you, the Living Libations products, and all of your oral care talks/info you've put out. I was having a lot of *** issues before, but now my teeth are shining and I'm so thankful!!!

amazing and lasting results

If you’ve ever browsed Ancestrally Ever After before, it is no surprise that I am a fan of all things Nadine Artemis (Living Libations). Her wild-crafted, organic essential oils, and pure botanical serums have completely overtaken and transformed my aroma-apothecary, body, skin, and now, my teeth. I’ve tried nearly all of her creations, and experienced amazing and lasting results with each bottle. But if I had to choose, Holistic Oral Care is the one libation I couldn’t live without. With it came the most life changing effects of them all.

amazing work you shar

Nadine, you are a modern day goddess with a depth and breadth of wisdom I am so grateful and honored to benefit from. Thank you for the amazing work you share! I received my first shipment a few days ago and am loving my new oral care routine as well as my beautiful petal potion (I never knew!!). Your videos are so informative and helpful; I'm learning so much! I'll order more libations as soon as I can. Meanwhile, thank you for the über cool reusable tote--I love (and use) it.

healthy feel

The only way to make tooth brushing time delightful is to use Living Libations tooth care products. My favourite is the floss which leaves an exquisitely clean and healthy feel, as well as the tooth serums in which each and every tooth is cared for. Teeth time has never been so FUN! My dentist even noticed the vast improvement, and I can go to the dentist less often knowing how well my dental hygiene is. Smile feels good, looks good, and gleams from afar. Thank you for adding to my sparkle, Living Libations <3 I only recommend your products and look forward to trying Neem Enamelizer!!!

thank you!

First, I am writing to you after being prompted by my very pleased dental hygienist. I have very weak enamel and get cavities at the drop of a hat. For years, my dentist has been giving me high-powered fluoride and mineralizing toothpastes to turn the condition around, but there had only been minimal improvement, and I still had cavities after every check-up. I started using your system for the past several months. When I went in for my check-up, my hygienist was blown away by the improvement. She said it was like treating an entirely different mouth, and that we finally had the results we'd been trying to get for years -- plus, I had no cavities. She said, "You'd better write those people right away and tell them thank you -- tell them your hygienist told you to write to them." So I am doing as she said -- thank you!

incredibly good

Nadine is by far the most knowledgeable, most well researched proponent for natural beauty that I have ever come across. Her approach integrates all facets of living and has deep integrity. The products she creates are so incredibly good, I have loved everyone I have tried and nothing else touches my skin or teeth these days. I imagine her course is life changing!

I am SOOOO impressed!

Nadine, I just wanted to say that I received my order (some oral care supplies and Poetic Pits stuff) and I am SOOOO impressed! This is the greatest gift to myself! Smell good, taste good. All around great products! Thanks for putting them out there! xx

Awesome oral care products

"*** I used my girlfriends products from the kit - as I was staying with her for a month in the U.S. - I was skeptical at first but did the protocol and used the ozone gel - I am a BELIEVER ! Teeth problems are rapidly resolving as I use these products!! Buying the kit today - back in Canada! Awesome work Nadine!! Sincerely, Susan. I will keep you posted as I had taken a picture of my teeth before I started - "

Amazing Results

Just wanted to let you know the amazing results I'm having with the tooth-brushing protocol. At first, I thought my teeth were actually getting more stained until I realized that the stains were coming off in small patches. Now, just a month or so after starting, my teeth are becoming clean, smooth and shiny!

Love this Kit!

I love the self-dentistry kit. I have been using it for a few months now. I had a dentist appointment yesterday and for the first time in years, my cleaning was quick and easy! My mouth feels and look rebalanced! Yea!! Dentist looked peeved when I told her what I was doing. LOL!

LOVE the tooth serum

I love using the tooth serum. I now look forward to flossing and my breath is so fresh.

My Life has Changed

"want to tell you how fabulous all the products I have received have been. The tooth care kit is great. I can't believe how quickly my plaque on the back of my lower front teeth disappeared! It only took a little over a week for my tongue to glide smoothly over that whole area with no roughness! I love how my teeth look and feel! The floss with the Healthy Gum Drops is so nice and soothing. My mouth is happy. It is amazing! You are quite the Wizardess!! Then, I get to smell SOOOOO good with the Forest blend I got. The Poetic Pits are so wonderfully divine. I love MY scent with Your scents! Also the appearance of my wrinkles just fade to almost unnoticeable with the Dew Dab. I just love feeling so beautiful and cared for by your lovely blends. And then Love Wine in watermelon is unbelievably delicious. Feeling Good Today and Digest the Best add to my well being everyday. I adore your Magic Elixirs and am so Happy I found you!!!"

I Love All my Tooth Products

I love my tooth products.   I went to my hygienist  and finally all the staining came off.  She wants me to send her your website. She is very interested.

I can't believe how quickly my plaque on the ba...

"want to tell you how fabulous all the products I have received have been. The tooth care kit is great. I can't believe how quickly my plaque on the back of my lower front teeth disappeared! It only took a little over a week for my tongue to glide smoothly over that whole area with no roughness! I love how my teeth look and feel! The floss with the Healthy Gum Drops is so nice and soothing. My gums look and feel so much better too. That is amazing! You are quite the Wizardess!! Then, I get to smell SOOOOO good with the Forest blend I got. The Poetic Pits are so wonderfully divine. I love MY scent with Your scents! Also my wrinkles just fade to almost unnoticeable with the Dew Dab. I just love feeling so beautiful and cared for by your lovely blends. And then Love Wine in watermelon is unbelievably delicious. Feeling Good Today and Digest the Best add to my well being everyday. I adore your Magic Elixirs and am so Happy I found you!!!"


"I am having wonderful success with your self dentistry techniques and am looking forward to purchase some of your products. I told my husband about the perfume and we are both very excited. It is a joy to have you in this world. When I watch videos of you and your husband, there is such joy and love be put into the world from you both and we are all the beneficiaries of that. Thank you for following your heart and helping others."

my beautiful teeth

My dentist is so impressed by my beautiful** teeth. clean eating, grounding and your fabulous self-dentistry kit are a winning combination... Thank-you

My teeth feel Magnificent

Following my daughter's advice, I began in early September to use your 8 Steps to Self-Dentistry and I LOVE it.  My teeth have only ever felt this clean immediately after leaving the dental hygienist.  Now they feel magnificent everyday - so, thank you.

Want to brush

"I am using your system, which makes me WANT to brush my teeth,weird!*** I love that toothbrush as well!"

Feels Good

I love the line - I've been using happy gum drops and yogi tooth serum and I'm so happy with the way my mouth looks and feels. Thank you so much.

Ecstatic is an understatement

" To say I am ecstatic is an understatement! I am so motivated to stick with your techniques given their amazing effectiveness. I wanted to share that and say THANK YOU! LaTarsha"

Love the way my teeth feel

I started using my Successful Self-dentistry kit last Sunday and love the way my teeth feel ! My mouth already feels invigorated!

I just returned today from seeing my dental hyg...

"My most important comment has to do with my first purchase of the dental kit in February. I used to have to schedule 4 cleanings a year. It cost me more money then I wanted to but it had to be done. The dental hygienist would recommend different toothpaste and brushes. Nothing has ever worked. Every visit was agonizing and embarassing because I knew she would spend a lot of time cleaning my teeth even though I was just there 3 months prior. Then I came across your site for natural perfumes and viewed everything else you sold and decided to take a leap of faith and purchased over $700.00 of items that I had never tried before. For my teeth, face, body & my baby. ***I just returned today from seeing my dental hygienist and the results are amazing. This dental visit today was a true testament to Nadine's dental kit. The before and after comments written by my dental hygienist from February and June are stunning. I even feel that I will eventually go back to my twice a year visit. To many people may feel the dental kit is expensive but it actually lasted over 4 months and is paying off by having me cut my 4 visits to 2. I only use the dental kit and do not touch any toothpaste since February. Thank you Nadine"

Brand New Woman!

I have been enjoying the products that I purchased.  I went to the dentist in January after using the kit for a month,  and I didn't say anything to him about it.  He looked in my mouth and said that I was like a brand new woman!   That is what I was hoping to hear.  

My teeth have never felt like this...

Nadine, I am astonished at how well and quickly your dental products work. My*** teeth have never felt nor looked like this. I just received the Beauty Kit and again I am thrilled with the immediate difference in my skin. I wanted to thank you personally. I am glad I found you. -Paulette

Happy Dance + Clean Teeth

I recently switched to a biological dentist. The hygienist said she felt bad charging me for the cleaning, b/c there was nothing to do. She said that she almost never saw teeth as plaque free as mine (yay--doing a happy dance), and she wanted to know what I was using and how I found out about it. I sent her to your site.


Choose from three dynamite Dental Kits:

1. Yogi Tooth Serum + Neem ToothPaste Dental Kit

Yogi Tooth Serum  
Living Libations Yogi Tooth Serum is a medley of potent extracts of neem, cinnamon, clove, cayenne, olive, and cardamom keep your mouth fresh and clean. These ancient Vedic botanicals are the yogi secret agents for oral care. Neem alkalizes the mouth and banishes bad breath bacteria. Add one drop to toothbrush or salt mouth rinse. Massage into gums and glide a drop over dental floss to clean the tiny spaces in between the teeth. Avoid neem while pregnant. 15ml size.

Neem Enamelizer ToothPaste
This toothpaste robust in its ability to alkalinize and bust bacteria that effects fresh breath, will also leave your teeth feeling silky smooth. Only a small amount is needed, and is specially formulated to replace regular toothpaste. Keeping saliva alkaline is essential for a bright, white smile. Neem Enamelizer will leave your teeth feeling smooth and polish your teeth to pearly perfection. 
15ml size

*Please note the new paste option instead the Neem Enamilizer bottle pictured in the photo.

2. Happy Gum Drops Tooth Serum + Clay ToothPaste Dental Kit

Happy Gum Drops Tooth Serum 
 Living Libations Happy Gum Drops bequeath an organic, botanical blessing on your mouth to allow you the full enjoyment of life's sensuality. Potent essential oils of seabuckthorn berry, rose, oregano, peppermint, cinnamon, clove, tea tree, and thyme linalool create an effective botanicalbiotic anoint for all aspects of oral care. Add one drop to toothbrush, salt mouth rinse, massage into gums and glide a drop over dental floss to clean the tiny spaces in between the teeth. 15ml size

Happy Gums Clay ToothPaste* - This toothpaste polishes pearly whites with the purifying power of pyrophyllite clay, coconut oil, saponified olive oil, and sodium bicarbonate combined with the potent botanicals of rose, peppermint, clove, oregano, cinnamon, seabuckthorn, tea tree, and sweet thyme essential oils. Apply a tiny pearl of this paste onto a dry toothbrush for compelling clay-care. .15ml size

*Please note the new paste option instead the Neem Enamilizer bottle pictured in the photo.

3. Mint + Myrrh Tooth Serum + Frankincense ToothPaste Dental Kit

Mint + Myrrh Tooth Serum
Magnificent myrrh and merry mint have joined forces to create a perfectly potent – yet genuinely gentle – addition to our successful oral care serums. Each of the ingredients in our magnanimous Mint + Myrrh Tooth Serum has been used since ancient times to keep mouths fresh, clean and to clear plaque in between teeth. Together at last! We bring these ancient essential extracts into an effective alchemy that bestows a fresh breath of balanced oral ecology. If you love cinnamon but find it too strong for oral care, this serum makes a scrumptious substitute. Infuse your oral ecology with beatific botanicals of Myrrh, Peppermint, Frankincense, Thyme linalool, wild Thyme, Oregano, Tea tree and MCT coconut oil. 15ml size.

Frankincense Fresh ToothPaste
This brilliantly alkalinizing paste for smooth, shiny teeth and the freshest breath. Apply a small pearl size to a dry toothbrush and brush. Pearly, clean teeth, fresh-all-day breath, and sweet saliva await you. Sacred frankincense and myrrh meld with alkaline sodium bicarbonate to sweeten and support your oral ecology by neutralizing acidic saliva and banishing bad breath bacteria. They combine with the truth-telling essences of gentle, sweet thyme, zippy peppermint, and plaque-preventing tea tree for a shiny, white smile. 15ml size.

All Dental Kits include the following illustrious Libations:

Truth Tooth Powder Polish 
This all-natural exfoliating elixir of nature’s purest, most powerful cleaning and whitening ingredients: Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Bicarbonate, Arrowroot, and MSM. On a dry brush, add a pinch of powder with a tiny drop of Heathy Gum Drops, Mint + Myrrh or Yogi Tooth Serum. 30ml size

*Ionic Toothbrush (Currently out of stock, option with toothbrush is not available at this time) 
Unlike regular toothbrushes, which try to force plaque off the teeth by friction, the IONIC brush makes the teeth let go of plaque, like turning off a magnet! Plaque gets released even in hard to reach areas! It is far more effective than a regular toothbrush and users report cleaner, whiter teeth and little or no plaque! It really works!

Intra-Oral Mirror with LED Light 
This oral mirror with super bright LED lights allows one to know/see the inside of their mouth and back molars. This is very useful for seeing the improvement to areas that need special attention.

Smart Floss 
Our favorite floss stretches and expands into interdental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high-performance floss is suitable for everyone - people with tight spaces, wider spaces...even braces. It is much more comfortable than regular floss. Glide one our tooth serums along the floss. This revolutionary floss is also gentle for gums because it is cushion-soft and can stretch.

Vita-Pik Gum Syringe
This pack of two blunt tipped syringes provides a durable and re-usable (non-electric) pen-size applicator designed to deliver salt water, tooth serums or diluted hydrogen peroxide to the gums and in between teeth. Think of it as a super simple and precise oral irrigator that reaches areas to tiny for a toothbrush.

These handy dandy dental tools are all contained in a hand-sewn dental dopp bag made from vintage towels.

See our YouTube clip on this product:


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