“Nadine is a true sense-visionary! She has a wondrous knowledge and passion for it all… the greatest collection of rare & special oils.”

Alanis Morissette

“I love the idea of a clean fresh mouth. Who doesn't? My mouth hasn't ever felt more naturally clean than when following the living libations self dentistry steps. It's genius. I had a very long Christmas wish list this year - most of it being Living Libations deodorant, oils and cleansers. Just so lovely, innovative and it works. Worth every penny.”


Nadine Artemis ~ Queen of the flowers, deity of flowers, creates a love affair with nature; a correspondence with the world's creations of the finest essential oils of the forests, trees, plants, and wildflowers. Cherishing creations of Living Libations grace and adorn your face. Purify and transform your whole being into eternal beauty. Living Libations is heaven in wildflowers that holds infinity in the palms of your hands.

Michelle Woods

"I feel like Cleopatra when adorning myself with Living Libations meticulously formulated products each morning. Each exceptional formulation supports our naturally inherent beauty, health, and well-being. The results from using their products are nothing short of magnificent. They are the foundation of my beauty care regimen, and they bring out the scent-ual, beautiful essence of every man and woman."

Alexandra Schueler

“Artists of Alchemy and purveyors of pure perfection. Whether slowly opening a bottled creation or swiftly opening the brightly coloured wrapper of primordial chocolate, once inside you will know that you have arrived.... at a place of pure divinity and that moonbeams truly can be bottled and that all you have been seeking was also seeking you..”


“Nadine and Ron's Libations have changed my life, my skin and my home. Everything is energy and the pure libations that touch my nose and skin, instantly shift and uplift my energy. I feel like a queen anointing herself in the utmost of luxury every day. And of course, both my girls use these incredible pure plant nectars too. They love their lip balms and their Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn! What I tell everyone is that not only will your skin change using these Libations, but it imbues revivification to the body.  This is edible beauty care, simply the best ever.”


“I fell in love with Nadine, Ron and Living Libations from the first moment I saw them...or rather, smelled them, as the captivating scents of their outstanding products came wafting over to me... Living Libations products are simply incomparable...look no further...there's no point... ;) The expertise, experience, love, care and joy with which these products are made and shared with the world are beyond anything else I've ever encountered... You can *feel* the love and pure nourishment of these products, with every luxurious anointment...I truly hope you bless yourself with some of their beautiful creations :)”

Angela Stokes-Monarch

“I have had the pleasure of having Nadine’s magic in various incarnations be a part of my life for the last 15 years. Living Libations has been with me through all of the important transitions of my life: work and creative challenges, marriages, birth and other meaningful ceremonies of all kinds. Their oils and products are with me in all facets of my life. Nadine’s expertise and deep knowledge of essential oils in their most elemental forms: etheric and practical make her a powerful teacher, innovator, and well spring of paradigm shifting ideas about beauty and the way a person moves through the world. Living Libations is constantly at the forefront of groundbreaking ingredients, preparations and conscious living; and that’s certainly where I want to be! The fact that Living Libations uses and seeks out only ethically sourced oils and their uncompromising commitment to wild crafted and organic purity means I feel Living Libations is a natural extension of my own ideals and hopes for my family and the planet. I’m never without them.”

Kristin Lehman
@ItsMeKristinLehman @thisfairland
@KristinLehman1 @thisfairland

“Living Libations products are the absolute highest quality skin and body care products out there. They are the only things that go on my skin and my baby's skin! I attribute not having any stretch marks during my pregnancy and post partum to their amazing seabuckthorn formula. Thank you Nadine and Ron for keeping my skin amazingly healthy, youthful, soft, and supple! I LOVE Living Libations and my baby girl LOVES Living Libations. The first time I put it on her newborn skin she erupted into a fit of delighted giggles! Thank you for having such high integrity with respect to your product line.”

Rebecca Gauthier

"In a world laden with impure intentions, we are eternally grateful to have found the glorious banquet of flower power that is Living Libations- whose intentions are always pure and endlessly true. From the moment we blessed ourselves with Nadine and Ron's magical creations, we said goodbye to every other conceivable product that claims to be beautifying, and devoted ourselves to their uncompromising petal poetry forever. We can't conceive of a beauty routine void of Living Libations love, and thankfully we'll never have to."

Ann and Kirby

“Not only do I simply adore my Living Libations gorgeous smelling luscious oils, creams, lotions and potions I also trust them fully. It is not easy these days to find products that are made with so much love, passion and integrity honouring the customer and the nature at the same time to this extent. I used to just slap creams on my face and body, but since using Living Libations products my skin care has become like a ritual that is celebrating me, my healthy glow and wonderful life! I'm so happy this happiness is bottled by Living Libations! Thank you.”

Lana Love

“"Ron and Nadine's products are a beautiful way to shower myself AND the planet with love- I highly recommend them!"

Sass Jordan

“I was fortunate enough to discover Nadine & Ron and the delicious line of Living Libations products about 7 years ago. Obviously, I have been a devotee ever since! I even have a hard time throwing the bottles out once they are empty because they smell so. dang. good. The products have also become a family favorite with my husband and son.”

Camille Rose Giglio

“It is a beautiful thing to take the time to inspire and guide people to achieve and pursue simple, and very efficient, ways to self-heal. Achieving optimal oral health cannot be done exclusively at the dentists – oral hygiene and nutrition are key to preventing major mouth work and the consequences it can have on the body. I have helped people at a professional level for 30 years, and it is clear that we must give them tools to help themselves at home, for their everyday care. Thanks, Nadine, for helping the profession of dentists to make oral care more accessible.”

Lina Garcia, DDS, DMD

“My suitcase must absolutely contain . . . Living Libations’ Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever.”

Shailene Woodley @shailenewoodley

“Living Libations products represent a symphony of ingredients that radiate pure love on a body, mind and spiritual level. They harmonize with our bodies frequencies and virtually sing their reverent energy into our being.I personally have never experienced anything like them before and am honored to pay them forward to everyone I know. My beloved husband Nazim and I share many of them each and every day. There is nothing, in my opinion as pure or sublime to use in the marketplace as living libations; from the divine raw chocolate, to the dental care and skin care products along with the delicate fragrances..all are absolutely delicious. I am most partial to the rose line but look forward to embracing them all.”

Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

“The secret language whispered in the Land of Is, my heart understands. A celebration of life rests in each libation creation made with love by Nadine. These libations sing to my skin and my heart skips a beat even before the loving begins in anticipation of the messages delivered from each pure essential oil. Intelligent, intuitive, innovative Nadine delivers powerful and very beautiful harmonies from plants that have waited many life times for this Mistress of poetry, prose and perfume to make into garlands, which she does so perfectly. My life will never be the same again.”

Lindsay Willcocks

“"One of my most favorite natural lines in Living Libations. They really do use all organic, natural and potent ingredients in their serums, creams, and chocolates. I have been using the rose serum and can see a difference. Also the smell is divine and uplifting to the spirit."

Shiva Rose

“Nadine is the mystical storybook Queen of Aromatherapy. Her innate understanding of the properties and complexities of essential oils is unique and unparalleled. I started working with Nadine's oils nearly 20 years ago. As a professional Aromatherapist, I was looking for the finest quality, most authentic, most potent, and complete essential oils for my practice and life. Once I discovered Living Libations, I never looked back. Everything she touches is a poetic inspiration of quality, integrity and true beauty. I am tickled with delight every time I get a whiff of Fire Lily perfume or Maverick Poetic Pits. I am simply astounded by the intelligence behind Rose Glow Cream and Healthy Gum Drops. I am in awe of her mind, beauty, and commitment to authenticity. Thank you, Nadine and Ron, for the many gifts you give to all of us.”""

Elana Millman

“Years ago I had the good fortune of having a boyfriend who walked into a little store only to discover Nadine's truly miraculous oils. I still remember the pure and exotic wildness of the scent, a potion that seemed too beautiful to live in a bottle. And once it was on my skin, that was it - I was in love! Nothing else compares to Nadine's wizardry, artistry and masterful mixing of nature's bounty - and all for us lucky creatures who had the great fortune of stumbling upon her magic forest!”

Mary Paterson

“I bloom, I thrive, I heal and every day is made more beautiful, as I use Living Libations liquid love potions. There is so much to love about all the Libations liquid loves that I have....that I use every day....that I never leave home without. Teeth that were tartared were renewed. Skin that was aging, stops aging. A tummy that was uneasy, felt good again (Digest the Best, is the best!). Body parts that were sagging, blossom once again. But most of all I feel more self love and joy because I use them, and that changes my whole day. I bask in the scent and exquisite magic that these plant medicines, radiant vibrations, resonant creations of love, well being and healing, bring to me, my body, my life. THANK YOU NADINE & THANK YOU RON! xxx”

Shona Alexander

“Living Libations has completely transformed my skin and life. I searched and searched for something pure, vegan and natural to bring my skin back to life and return my glow to me. Living Libations did exactly that! I am forever grateful to this unique, thoughtful, amazing, pure, natural, fantastic company. Their knowledge of ​skincare and ​essential ​oils radiates brightly throughout their company.  My outer light matches my inner light again and I couldn't be more thankful!”

Erin Dunphy

"I am very Grateful to have found Living Libations as now my search is over - I don’t have to endlessly look for the newest creams, and skin products on the tiresome market . All the products of Living Libation are clean of any chemicals, and give you beautiful, youthful and glowing skin. The result is a new "Inner glow" as the skin is free of accumulated dirt and dry skin cells. Living Libation’s products promote deep cleansing of impurities and Healing. I love them!"

Maya Fiennes

"Why I wear perfume at midnight... I had my first aromatic awakening with the peppermint exfoliating scrub in the bathtub 4 years ago. In an instant, and for the first time, "beauty" made sense. In a world where petrochemical, plastic-wrapped promises of wrinkle-free skin seep sickness into a population, this was Life. Afloat the particles of her pure, petal perfumes, Nadine and Ron's Libations offer an invitation to restore the body, renew the spirit and release the mind from clutter and stress. We can restore the health, wellness and beauty of the world with flower petal power, and a nice, deep inhalation through the nose is the bridge that will take us there. Catch a whiff of the fragrant pharmacy and may your perfume be your medicine!”

Tera Warner

“Nadine’s oils are simply the purest, highest vibration and sublime formulations you will ever put on your skin…if I had to choose one product to bring on a deserted island, it would be her oils. They are addictively magnificent!”

Giuliana Torre

“Living Libations has changed my life - truly. Nadine, Ron and Leif are extraordinary people who put their own purity and love into everything they create. My devotion began with the tooth oils and has since blossomed in a way that has transformed my entire beauty care and self care routine - making the process beautiful, and sacred. Beyond the magic of the Living Libations products, the knowledge Nadine shares through her articles, lectures and now her book, have had a profound impact on all aspects of my health. After seeing the results of applying this knowledge and these products in my own life, I began teaching this information in my students, and even featured some of Nadine's wisdom as a key part of the UnDiet lifestyle I share in my own book. Nadine's approach to her alchemy- having every ingredient count, without any fillers, is the very same which I apply to my own recipe creation for food. There is simply nothing that compares to Living Libations.”

Meghan Telpner

"I got hooked on Living Libations' Frankincense Toothpaste and I think it's miraculously cleansing, nourishing stuff.”

Danielle Laporte

"Years ago a friend recommended a brand called Living Libations. It’s a skincare line from where I’m originally from, Ontario, and the creator Nadine is like a mystical forest elf, blending and creating the most phenomenal products from her home in the woods. It’s all organic and ethically sourced. I buy her facial cleansing oil, facial cream, lip balm, and her essential oils for creating my own skincare products.”

Sarah Britton

“Living Libations whole body products are little botanical works of art. Each one is an exquisite blend of unique botanical ingredients.”

Sophie Uliano
Miriam Ava - Crop

“Nadine and her high-vibe crew have been a joy to interact with, and I confidently open the wellbeing of my body, skin and, being to their offerings. There are no cleaner, purer, brighter, skin & body care products. When you find your lover, cultivate the relationship, and enjoy.”

Miriam Ava www.colorsofgratitude
Carol Alt - Crop

“One of my favorite companies for oral care health is Living Libations. Nadine Artemis is the co-creator of living Libations, an amazing line of serums, elixirs and essential oils for those seeking the purest of the pure” Author of: Eating in the Raw, The Raw 50, Easy Sexy Raw andA Healthy You.

Carol Alt