Essential Oil EMF Protection Pouches

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EMF Bag Pink and Purple

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Our awesome EMF Protection Pouches shield your favorite Living Libations’ essential oils from electromagnetic radiation.

Just as our bodies may be impacted by electro-pollution, the vibrational energy of essential oils can be compromised when exposed to electromagnetic fields. This pouch is made with organic hemp terrycloth colored with natural dyes on the outside and lined with bamboo and silver EMF shielding fabric on the inside.  

Living Libations Essential Oil EMF Protection Pouches are the perfect pouch to shield your essential oils from electromagnetic radiation while travelling.

“The Fastest Vibrational Frequencies on Earth”

Essential oils maintain on of the fastest-spinning vibrational frequencies of any compound on earth. Purely distilled plant essences exude unique bio-energies that determine their aromatic gifts. The pouch protects this vibrational spin.

EMF Bag size - Small is 4 x 7 inches and Large is 5.5 x 9 inches

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Smart Storage - beautifully made

I love Nadine’s essential oils and have purchased many, storing them in metal boxes - these pouches simplify by organizing them in groups and it’s a relief to know they are protected while in transit. I looked at these pouches for some months, they seemed expensive and wasn’t sure about pink. I now love ???? pink and ???? the pouches. They are beautifully made - they just feel really good to hold in my hand - sturdy, soft, lovely labels, great zipper, and EMF protection - this was money well spent.


I never go through their security equipment at the airport. I ask for a pat-down and have my essential oils & homeopathics hand-checked. I travel with them wherever I go. It doesn't stop me from taking them, just delays me a bit and I am given weird looks and a hard time (most of the time). I recently received this as a gift before my trip and it is my favorite! I still got a pat down, but the security process was seamless!!! I was thru in no time! I was so comforted to know my oils still maintained their potent vibrations and I had a speedy security situation. WIN-WIN!


EMF Protection Fabric with High Conductivity Silver

At home or on the go, our EMF Protection Pouches shield your precious libations. They provide protection from radio waves using cutting-edge RF shielding technology. Each precious pouch is handcrafted with organic hemp terry cloth.  

The magic happens inside the pouch...

The inside of each pouch is lined with advanced RF shielding fabric comprised of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% pure silver threading. Silver is one of the most powerful electrical conductors in nature. It draws electromagnetic radiation away from your oils and surrounds them with a protective shield of frequency-free grace.

The pouches are great for carrying your smart phone too – the case acts like an “airport setting” for your phone.