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Smart Floss

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More Effective than Regular Floss and in a Biodegradable Container!
There’s no floss quite like Smart Floss. It stretches and expands into inter-dental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high performance floss is suitable for everyone - people with tight spaces, wider spaces, and even people with braces. It's also great for gums. Smart Floss dental floss is soft and stretchy, unlike other flosses with no spring that can often hurt gums and fingers!

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All other floss seems like garbage now

When I first started using this floss I felt like it was too thick and I wasn’t a fan. However I kept at it and man even when I’ve only been eating fruits and veggies this floss will find and remove the tiniest fragment of food! It’s amazing! I ran out and had to buy run of the mill drugstore’s useless compared to this floss!! Put a drop of any of LL dental products on this floss and it makes it even better...time to order more!

Best floss ever!

I scrape my tongue and then floss with Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss, this is a weird product to coo over, but this is the best floss ever, with a drop of LL Healthy Gum Drops on the floss.

Best Ever

I always used the thin floss because my teeth have very little space between them., but this floss worked better than any of them. The others were kind of sharp and I would have to be careful when using them. This floss cleans so well and doesn't hurt at all. It is amazing and kind of gross to see what comes out on the second flossing! Awesome product!

Best ever

Ok, this is the. Best floss ever!!! I absolutely love it! I have very close teeth with some that have larger spaces between the teeth near the gum line. I used to use the eaze through floss because all other ones would just shred because of the closeness of my teeth. But I felt I couldn't get a good floss with the slippery plastic floss and even it would shred at times. This floss.... NO Problems At All!!! I can get my teeth clean in between now and No shredding and trying to get floss out from between my teeth! And I use the healthy gum drops with it too. What a nice combination, I have a happy mouth. Thank you so much for making this available.

Smart Floss... for smart, HEAL-thy, strong gums...

"""This is the best floss of all time. It is part of the foundation to strong and happy *** teeth. A teacher of mine once said to the class that a dentist told him, """"Only floss the teeth you want to keep"""". Haha, definitely something to ponder upon... I think we ideally want to keep all our teeth if we can! I used to only floss with conventional floss my front top and front bottom teeth in the mornings as I felt as if I had no time and wanted to avoid the pain and bleeding associated with flossing the back molars. I would only do back molars on special occasions or in thorough bath spa sessions, really! However, after going to my dentist and becoming aware things needed to improve, getting Nadine's awesome ebook Successful Self-Dentistry and new Libations tooth product with floss to try for the first time.... OH did I ever change my ways. I coated my Smart Floss nicely with Nadine's Ozonated Happy Gum Gel (this product coats amazingly on floss by the way) and gave it a whirl. The first week I'll admit was adjustment period for dealing with the new thickness of this floss and bit of uncomfortable feeling in my mouth. However, it is quite stretchy which is awesome. The key is to go slowly, tenderly and gently especially if not used to it at first. WELL...after that week of my mouth adjusting to the floss, it knew it meant business. Week after week it only improved. *** Morning and night, floss would glide in-between spaces smoothly and CLEAN spaces like nothing else!!!! *** If you love your teeth, teeth will show you love back! 3 months later, my dental hygenist yesterday was flabbergasted and overjoyed with my dazzling teeth and mouth - all thanks to using this floss as a phenomenal tool along with my teeth brushing. I would only recommend this floss. Flossing time is happy time ever since I began, and will keep going with this and only this. Smart Floss is the king and Nadine's dental product gems are queen, unifying to make the mouth a royal kingdom of strength, cleanliness, shine, gleaming beauty and wellbeing :)"""

Smart Floss is clinically proven to be more effective than regular floss. It has been shown to remove up to 40% more plaque than some of the most popular flosses, i.e. regular waxed and un-waxed flosses and PTFE monofilament floss. Electric and manual flossers which claim to be as effective as regular floss are no match for Smart Floss. Smart Floss can clean around the teeth and reach deeper into the inter-dental spaces, leaving teeth cleaner – and you smiling longer!
• Lightly waxed with natural wax blend (no petrochemical wax)
• Recyclable container

Suggested Use:
Apply one drop of Healthy Gum Drops or Yogi Tooth Serum along the floss and wrap approx.18 inches (45 cm) of floss around fingers and draw tight. Tug and release (it expands). Slide floss between teeth, curve it around tooth and clean between tooth and gum with gentle up and down motion. Repeat using a clean section between each tooth.

$5 (or free with our 15ml and 30ml sizes of Healthy Gum Drops or Yogi Tooth Serum)


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