Once in a lifetime a life-changing moment comes along, and for Living Libations that time is here!


In 2013, our Living Libations headquarters was destroyed in a fire. Since that day we have been activated like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and we are thrilled to announce that Living Libations is moving into our new, bespoke headquarters building, architecturally designed to create the best beauty creations ever!
Our eco-friendly headquarters built with revolutionary materials and design will be the first of its kind in Canada!
We invite you to celebrate this once in a lifetime moment with us with our Once in a Lifetime Sale + Free Shipping!
 Once in a Lifetime Sale
*Please note - All specials are non-retroactive + only while supplies last!  Coupons will not be accepted during the Once in a Lifetime Sale!
Between April 7th and April 15th, enjoy 
20% off all Libations Creations and Hand Sewn items.
And, to help lighten our load and make moving easier, all durable goods are 30% off, including salt pipes, diffusers, brushes, combs, essential oil boxes, and more! (All Libations potions are made fresh to order, so there is no stock to move. Yet what's a moving party without liquid Libations?
For our US and International Customers
For our Canada Resident Customers

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