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Our Seven Chakra Essences are bundled in a set; every blend is a liquid jewel for harmonizing each chakra. Each combination offers a gift to expand our harmony, and glow with a halo of essential oils. Anoint your chakras, pulse points and under your nose for mediation and to harmonize energy centers, auric field and cruise your cerebrospinal muse.


immunity and health and wellbeing

***If I had owned a beauty salon or retreat, I would be using the entire Living Libations range! There’s so much to offer people and there’s also special things for massage and meditation. Their Chakra Set (below) contains 7 blends of essential oils for each of the 7 chakras.

Each One a Genius Blend

"THANK YOU for the Chakra oils, WOW, what a BiG treat!!!!!   Your mastery in FULL EFFECT!!! Each one a genius blend, we had an anointing ceremony together and put them all on as we read your epic poetic direction aloud.  Deeply moving experience, thank you for this most beautiful gift! The moment I opened the package my husband grabbed the toothpaste and ran to brush his teeth! :))) I heard many oohs and ahhhs...SO funny! :) "


Chakras are energetic spirals of energy in the body that relate to the glands. There are as many electrical currents in the river of your being, as there are sparkles in a starry meadow. The breath keeps this river harmoniously flowing, distributing vital source energy through your entire body. The endocrine glands secrete secret serum, circular fields of glandular libations. These lands of glands are living gateways between the physical body and the electrical subtle body. Molecules from essential oils send invitations to the overseer of the endocrine system, the hypothalamus. Tickled by these molecules, spiraling secretions are released to other glands. The susumna is the fluid sap soaring through the trunk of your tree of life. Along our spine’s scepter-stem are gems of rainbow orbs that cruise the cerebrospinal muse. The spine is the conduit for the journey of these electrical energies. Along the spine each chakra-orb is the over-lighting deva of certain glands, organs and rhythms in the body. Flexibility of the spine fuels the flow. Plant essences give liquid light to this journey. Light is the key to this portal land of chakras and glands.

The soma of plants ever-offer the gift to expand our beauty: halos of essential oils inspire spiral streams, revealing jeweled points of energy. The harmonizing of our chakras flows into the glow of our aura. The auric-field is a mirror of reflectance and acceptance, gleaming inner and outer worlds.

Let it shine.

Root*Chakra - Root reverence is the bloodline to earth, drawing in the fuel of our dawn dance. Connect to the ground, as much as tree roots connect to soil. This is the first spiral of energy, the soil that nourishes, mineralizes and fuels our breath: the life line of infinite earth energy. Roots grow branches of ecstasy to all living things. Kundalini anoint for the root, and soles of feet encouraging acceptance, confidence and groundedness. Ingredients: organic essential oils of vetiver, spikenard, grapefruit, red cedar, nutmeg and jojoba.

Sacral*Chakra - Sacral is the spiral of relation: sacred unions of inhalations and exhalations, pulses and impulses. Passionate living catches fire in fertile communion. Unifying breaths fortify your cradle of creation. Creativity anoint for the sacrum, encouraging interaction, pleasure and flow. Bless your belly with this sensual serum. Ingredients: organic essential oils of jasmine, ylang, tangerine, patchouli and jojoba.

Navel*Chakra - Solar is strength, the of jewel noon. The apex blazing upon all unions with equanimity, the solar plexus is the golden core to charge life with the breath of your being. A spiral of solar rays delivers creative juices to this field of fuel. Consecrate this empowering anoint to encourage motivation, courage and will-power. Ingredients: organic essential oils of ginger, cardamom, vetiver, lemon and jojoba.

Heart*Chakra - Heart, a spiral of breeze dancing through leaves a valley of merging streams, a mountain of heathered peaks. The heart is the centre of every direction. Mysterious vast freedom lives here. Come in. Longing lifts and lifts to knock from the inside out on the doors of expression, sight and inspiration. Anoint this expansive love balm to the thymus, lungs and chest encouraging compassion, harmony and balance. Ingredients: organic essential oils of rose, immortelle, bergamot, spikenard and jojoba.

Throat*Chakra - Throat, the portal of inner-outer space, swirling feelings, visions and inspirations, this is the treasury of trust. A true threshold for full fearless expression: the throat is a well-spring for sipping the currents of the heart’s mind. Anoint the thyroid with this expressive clarifying anoint for the throat, encouraging truth, manifestation and communication. Ingredients: organic essential oils of yarrow, chamomille, frankincense, sandalwood, inula and jojoba.

ThirdEye*Chakra - Brow spirals to see into the crown and upside down. This clear attunement alights the eyes. Rays of intuitive wisdom abandon veils of illusion. Inner vision follows the notes of mysterious spiraling melodies that drip the honey of the moon-crown all the way down. Bestow onto brow and underneath nose for a meditation encouraging perception, dreams and understanding. Ingredients: organic essential oils of frankincense, palo santo, pine cone, sage and jojoba.

Crown*Chakra - Crown, a clarion call and summons to Source; going out of your head, to hear with your spirit ear: trumpets of inspiration, songs of your relation to all creation. Leave the lights on. The crown spirals open to embrace fragrant celestial smiles. Ordain this angelic anoint to encourage inspiration, knowing and a sense of divine-self. Ingredients: organic essential oils of angelica, neroli, sandalwood, laurel & jojoba.