Plant Song of the Essential Oil Orbs

Rose laughs at furrowed, figuring brows as we analyze over the light of such essential oil delights. Relinquish the hold. Pass the threshold. Flow into it. Inhale why you and the rose glow. Breathe each other’s bloom. Join the perfume.

With you, the essence-orb is the fragrance it loves. These are hidden gems desiring to be known. Gleefully they entwine with our essence to be the healing helix they dreamed to divine: a precious mixture of universal-cellular-chime. This is your plant kin. Dive in!

Here, mysteries are hinted at. These are only keys to the Living Library – although there is no lock, no door, and no apothecary’s lamp to light the flight to the lands upon many lands. Make acquaintance with ferns, flowers and firs. Forget botany, Latin monotony. Forget theories, classifications, and knowing. Those bread crumbs will not satisfy your longings. History is hearsay. Be wildered by the essences. This is the sweet sweat of elements turned upside down: distillations of dirt-in-hands-jewels-of-distant-lands.

Sincere, dear, immeasurable plant life. These hi-fidelity essences are an invitation; a gathering of kaleidoscoping communications, lost languages, and found friends from organic farmers and artisan distillers the earth over. Inhale this wonder and chase the forest wild.

Restoring, adoring aroma-rays, every essential oil has a verse in the language of the lymph, in the melody of the endocrine, and in the chorus of the aura. Gracefully they attend to the body’s reception: renewing molecules of perception, cruising the cerebrospinal muse, and inspiring doors in unmet corridors. Each drop is a secret agent of antiviral activity; each drop is a healing infinity. Every one of them has turned under the same sun and looked-up and wondered at the same moon. Yet, each essence is a unique seed-expression of realms upon realms being quenched and drenched by diverse soil and rain. Each essential oil is astonishingly rare in texture, fragrance, cadence, and color ray.

Whole worlds twirl on the tip of a leaf, in the cosmos of a seed. Imagine the vast intricate strands of telegrams: tendrils of petal firmament-fumes blushing pollination-invocations, sounds of sap and stones, and animal odes that create each drop.

Essence upon essence upon your essence. The possibilities - the play - are endless.

There are many ways to kneel and be kissed by the ground. So which one? Where? What? Why? Give the interpreters and the volumes a rest. Every plant sings to your chest. With ease, experience that the very best oil is the one you have on hand.

These plant essences may be anointed, inhaled, sipped, and stirred: manuka massages, buddawood baths, inula inhalations, petitgrain perfumes, eucalyptus cleaning-mists, chamomile crèmes, and lavender linen dreams. They are all night-side table treasures.

For journeys inside, measure drops with honey, herb or propolis tinctures, oils of olive and coco-crème. Brew teas or capture in a capsule of your favorite herb. My oh my! Imagine the clary sage syrup, oregano-olive oil, and cardamom-camu capsules to be conjured. Perhaps a dash of palmarosa propolis, tansy tincture, and hyssop honey, too. Splash and swish like a child, and enchant a special brew. You are the star attuned to the frequency of these hi-fi plant-songs. Stories upon stories. And so it begins…