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The Benediction is Where You Are Chocolate Bar -- allows you to be here, be now with this bar of fulsome cacao that is taste bud appealing and More Than a Feeling.

Taste: All the romance of raspberries and roses with this chocolate bar wrapped in the benevolent benediction of bountiful berries.

Need-to-Know: This chocolate bar is made with a blessing of organic raw cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, raspberry, goji berries, cherries, camu camu berries, raw honey, vanilla beans, rose, lemon, and a dash of virgin coconut crème.

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Like the name of this chocolate implies... It IS more than a feeling; it's a whole magical experience. This chocolate is magic filled with all the goods and sweetened with ????

Welcome back into my life!

I've always loved all of the bars but haven't indulged in a few years for some reason. I ripped open a fresh More Than a Feeling this morning and was warmly greeted by the best!! I'm enjoying this bar thinly sliced with dollops of coconut creme. My mouth and whole being are so happy!

Awakening of body senses

"Hello Ron and Nadine, I was so thrilled to receive my order and to try out the chocolate. Every bite was like manna from heaven; I tried it for breakfast in empty stomach and my body just sang out of joy. Amazingly I felt my whole body awaken and my frequency dial turned up to higher levels. I think this will become a regular addition to my breakfast every morning. Much gratitude to you both, who are advocates of wellbeing, natural living, enhanced and joyful embrace of life. I am so glad I found LL."

My tastebuds and whole body are smiling...YUMMY...

"The first time I tried this, a sample at your open house, it was as if I had to stop for a few seconds... to let it sink in. SO. GOOD. I really love this one...and yes that IS more than a feeling. It's a veritable fact of this fruity sensation, that may be dry and pure yet it's just so juicy with joy in your mouth. And then there is the perfect contrast and texture with the seeds - wow! PURE. This right here is proof that you definitely CAN eat well and have it taste AWESOME. By no stretch this is - the best chocolate I have eaten. Not only is the taste phenomenal, but you really feel an uplift eating it, immediately. Never before has this happened to me with chocolate. I'm still happy 30 minutes later! I couldn't understood the studies hailing chocolate as beneficial**, or happy moods, or giving those love pleasuring feelings. Now I do. This opens my heart and warms my spirit. I can't believe I feel like I'm in love! And this is a ** FOOD? Hello...a love sensation + vitality crusader marrying together into this pure delight. I can't wait to try your other chocolates as well, and lucky duck me can buy it from the local juice bar down at The Carrot...a very nice escape into paradise after long classes to get revived by having this waiting for me. MASTERPIECE CHOCOLATE LOVE PURENESS BEST!!!!!! Great job guys. If you try this you'll see why it is that price... Worth the $20."

We love you Chocolate

We stopped by the show yesterday and were very happy to be able to pick up some more wonderful treats from your Living Libations booth. I sent a bunch of chocolate off to my brothers today, so hopefully that will keep them happy for a while. They share the same sentiment as I do now that all other chocolate is inedible after experiencing yours.


Nadine, I just got the parcel and I just tried both of the chocolate bars and, Wow, they are amazing.  You never do cease to amaze me.  


This chocolate is exquisite and I feel charged with every bite.  I especially like your new flavours!  This one and the Open Laughing one are my new favourites!


The Creation Story Behind the Bar:


On a calm, balmy summer day Ron and Nadine ventured forth in their forest to play. The sun shone on the leaves dappling a soft green ray on their pathless path through the woods. There was the smell of sumac, spruce, and balsam. They rambled upon a raspberry bramble and ate bushels of these laughing berries.


Raptured in raspberry bliss, they spun with glee. Round and round, with more than a feeling they fell to the ground. Exhilarated, they looked to the silence in the sky and daydreamed that they lived in the greatest story ever told. Then, lo and behold, the bough of a wild cherry tree unfurled a jolly little fellow on a leaf. He chimed a small rhyme, this is what he said, “The Benediction is where you are, it is here, near, everlasting, stretching far. This exhilarating energy flowing through you is what life is. The freedom you feel is real, as it is not for, or from. Oh, the fun has always just begun. The revolution within ever begins.”


Hypnotized by his boundless, pure eyes they asked him, “Where did you come from? And, what did you drink?” He spoke of a land of libations that attuned one to wonder. With the wink of his eye he gave them a box of beans and said, “These are the seeds you need, cacao is here to play in the flowering of now. Ingest with appreciation in your chest, and this chocolate bean will magnetize a clear point of creation, allowing all untold wishes to unfold.”


July thunder rumbled and rolled, the aroma of radiant earth loomed, yellow lilies dipped in the breeze’s perfume. In a bush near by, a blackbird sung the benediction within, cardinal flowers quivered, and all the land shivered, on the threshold this expectant air delivered. So with great thanks to their friend, they attuned to the gift from this veritable wonderland. And as the story goes, from this daydream forward, they lived wildly awake: the pair dared their desires to unfold, they gambled their life on living, they lived on the ledge of the leading edge, they lived in the question in lieu of the answer, they lived on the cusp of revolutionary trust, they inhaled “is,” they played easy in the deep. Seeped in serious joy, laughter seeds were sown, they adventured as deliberately as nature, they dove into the unknown, and boundless arrays continued to conjure their days.


Organic Raw Ingredients: Cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, raspberry, goji berries, cherries, camu camu berries, raw honey, vanilla beans, rose, lemon, and virgin coconut crème.

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Organic Raw Ingredients: Cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, raspberry, goji berries, cherries, camu camu berries, raw honey, vanilla beans, rose, lemon, and virgin coconut crème.

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