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Quick Overview

Bewildered in wonder, this bar is chocolate-cheer that will have you grin from ear to ear. One fudgy bite will have you Open Laughing in delight.

Taste: Like ultra-rich chocolate fudge, but high on health!

Need-to-Know: This chocolate bar is made with organic raw cacao, maca root, hemp seeds, goji berries, camu-camu-berries, pau d'arco, blue green algae, vanilla beans, raw honey, grapefruit, lemon, and a dash of virgin coconut crème.

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So pure and delicious!

The chocolate is so yummy and smooth; also it definitely put me in a good & smiley mood! Will definitely be buying more :)

Best chocolate I have ever had!

Trying this piece of chocolate was truly a new experience. I have tried a lot of chocolate but nothing can compare to the experience I had with this piece. It´s just too hard to describe in words, you have to try it. This just took chocolate to a whole new level...

my favourite

I just wanted to thank you so much for creating such incredible products. They have revolutionized my body and face and have made me more aware of how much mother nature provides for us. As a huge fan of raw chocolate, I wanted to let you know that the Open Laughing Chocolate Bar is my favourite


That chocolate was a divine connection to my past, present and future - your family is a gateway!

Bring some to work!

This is the first chocolate I have tried and I decided to bring it to work with me today (yes, I am typing at my desk right now!). Let's put it this way, prior to chocolate - groggy, tired,** moody, impatient...AFTER 2 small pieces - calm, smiling, not hungry, relaxed...hahaha, I just ordered 6 more bars and the sampler(2x) so I can give them as gifts!!!!

MY FAVOURITE! Bliss, Glow, Strength.

"Wow, to me, this chocolate is the ultimate. I've been buying this regularly to have a piece each day, and I plan on stocking up on the larger bar. From the time I tried it I saw instant results within days of finishing the bar: my face was glowing, eyes were shiny and radiant**, I had more energy after every bite, filled with positive happy vibes... This chocolate bar just clicks with me on all levels!!! Funny, it is suitable as I am a laughter yoga leader, to be fittingly eating a chocolate bar called Open Laughing :) does it make me laugh, per say? I may not be giggling ho-ho-ha-ha-hee-hee's outloud, but I experience it helping me see life in a lighter way, and my body is shining and singing and laughing with glee! I can feel it. I am dedicated to eating this chocolate bar for radiant beauty. The best part is (besides the beauty and revitalization it offers), it TASTES SO GOOD. So juicy, filling, sweet but not overpowering. The texture of it is just marvellous. Perfectly balanced taste, just ethereal. I smell it out of the package and get happy, smell is beautiful, as it is made of REAL beautiful ingredients. Open Laughing Chocolate Bar gives me life each day. This is my favourite! Bliss. Glow. Strength. Superfood Love :) This is my chocolate bar from now on! Woo hoo! I hope people share the joy in this wonderful creation. It is getting me through some challenging times, actually, to eat this bar. Thoroughly a blessing and a miracle. Fortifying my body-mind-emotions-creativity-optimism. So much love in it. In full gratitude, thank you Nadine and Ron, your chocolate changes lives for the better."


Thank you for the beautifully packaged and wonderful products. The package arrived in perfect condition  - including the fabulous chocolate - despite almost 90 degree temperatures in Minnesota. I deeply appreciate your meticulous attention to detail and phenomenal service.

So essentially flavorful!

"We just ate the two best chocolate bars we've ever had!! The Chocolate Jesus blew my heart... and the Open Laughing one too...soooo essentially flavorful oh my!!! You two are awesome..."

sooooo open

"ZaZaZuuuuu! Forget shoes all you need is this chocolate! Immediate and unexpected Hi-vibe, new frequency, hope it lasts forever :) Rejuvenating with chocolate? YESSSSSSSSS!!! what more could you ask for?"

Pure joy!

It was an experience I want again and again!


"Received my order on Monday and was so pleasantly surprised when I saw you were able to add in the chocolate bar! I have to tell you I was so excited. The packing of the products, the packaging of the chocolate bar and I haven't even gotten to the taste. It was amazing. I'm not even sure if it was really there! It was like fairy food...so wonderful and so different from any other chocolate bar I have ever had in my life! The ethereal quality of the chocolate was palpable!"

Yum Yum

Giving your Chocolate Bars as August birthday gifts here and there... we are also savoring slivers throughout the day of Open Laughing this week YUM YUM, please pass on our gratitude to Ron for his mastery cacao making magic!

Genius Delights

"I buy your Open laughing bar at the Health Food store Erewhon in LA. Every single person I have shared a bar with has wanted more and wondered about the other flavors. Even the price doesn't scare them after they have eaten some. Thank-you creators of such genius delights."

Open Heart

I tasted your lovely chocolate the other night and have to say that some kind of magic happened... an open heart, under the stars laughing and free somehow of the things that truly are not important.


The Creation Story Behind the Bar:


Resting in the hands of creation, Ron and Nadine were asleep in the soil of lavender and chamomile flowerbeds. Even the bees’ fuzzy heads, drunk on pastel-nectar, had sunk into the filament-flutes of lavender's reverie. Everyone stirred to the song of white feathered friends chirping to raise the sun. Morning had spoken fresh from the word, in flower, in song. Ron and Nadine awoke to this flowery-dream, only to find chocolate in their pocket. The chocolate was wrapped in a silver map. Inside, X marked the treasure spot to Xochitl, the Dream Flower Valley where the rose ever blooms. And so it was written in the legend of this map:


Praise inhalation.

Slowly take twice a bite,

Slide on your vanilla bean slippers.

Spin thrice to the right.

Mind is the sunlight.

Another bite or two,

Disappears into the air inside you.

Now flowers in your eyes, look to the skies.

Take the first step (which is always the last).

Go past the frankincense tree,

Tap the sap, roll in roots of rose-revelry.

Gather round the tree of goji. blink.

Sink and you are in the valley.


Hand in hand, they took the pathless land. There they were embraced by the fragrance of grace, in the laughter of roses. They chose the most fun playing circles with the sun. The flower notes the cacao was striking released great levity of laughter. Everything lifted in a breeze of accord, all on the ride of the hidden tide in their chests.


Organic Raw Ingredients: Cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, goji berries, camu camu berries, pau d'arco, blue green algae, vanilla beans, raw honey, grapefruit, lemon, and virgin coconut crème.

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Organic Raw Ingredients: Cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, goji berries, camu camu berries, pau d'arco, blue green algae, vanilla beans, raw honey, grapefruit, lemon, and virgin coconut crème.

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