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Quick Overview

A vanilla bean vinyasa of Samadhi yogi glee, Vanilla Vibhutti is a veritable chocolate of om shanti-yum.

Taste:A cinnamon and triple vanilla bean dream, sure to rejuvenate your prana.

Need-to-Know: This chocolate bar is made with organic raw cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, camu-camu berries, purple maize, pau d'arco, vanilla beans, raw honey, cinnamon, and a dash of virgin coconut crème.

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Amazing quality

Wow, this chocolate is amazing, delicious, special. So pure! Wow! :)

Infinite value of REAL food/products from a trusted company

Yes, the bar has an amazing taste- sensual (perhaps the powerful combination of cinnamon spice and bittersweet cacao) and transportive (to another time/place). But the point I want to stress, hoping that both Ron and Nadine one day read this, is the infinite value of real, quality, pure source products. Living Libations must keep in mind that they are targeting an audience who is willing to delve a little deeper into their pockets for quality and no-nonsense. PLEASE keep up the fantastic work...fillers, cheap ingredients and unhelpful manufacturing techniques only repel me personally (and I probably speak on the behalf of many LL lovers) so never doubt your method, ingredients or ethos. Ordering more flavours that is for sure! Thank you xx

My new pre-workout snack!

This chocolate is such an indulgence. I know I'm getting a wonderful nutritious boost and it's filling. A small slice goes a long way. The superherbs and vanilla impart a subtle taste, along with REAL cacao, which tastes completely unlike any other chocolate I've ever had. This chocolate fits right in with my conscious lifestyle. I'll be using it as a pre-workout snack or breakfast food (I believe Nadine does the latter). I'd definitely re-purchase. xx

Sensual, Grounded, Calm Vibrations

Mmm, taking a bite of this chocolate, I am feeling pretty sexy. It has that slow, sensual, vibin' feel to it... Makes me feel enticing, sensual, and yet grounded at the same time. As it is titled 'Chocolate Yoga Bar', I wonder if I am to feel like exercising yoga, but really I just feel sensual and calm, that is the effect it has on me personally. I ate this before a bellydance class today, and it made for a great combination! So who's to say it won't also be great before any other slow and grounded dance/exercise/spiritual practices? I just feel very aware, grounded, and calm with having eaten this. It tastes awesome, very neutral and balancing. And, goes even better with some pure raw honey drizzled on top of that bite. If you want an added boost, place some honey on top of the piece, with one drop of Living Libations edible pure essential oil, for example Rose Otto. Then you'll start feeling those sassy, loving, beautifully sensual heart-opening vibes going on. The thing I love about Living Libations chocolate is it's such a holistic, natural boost to include in my life... It is created with love, I can always feel it in every single bite. As a society we are so accustomed to consuming an entire chocolate bar in one sitting, or maybe even 2 or 3, always searching for that extra 'more', not feeling quite satisfied. With ONE SMALL BITE of these Living Libations pure source chocolates, the *** feel-good sensations last the ENTIRE day! No additional cravings, because, quite simply it satisfies deeply. When something eaten fulfills deeply on all levels of being, more is not needed, less becomes the hero. This is the meaning of 'Pure Source chocolate' I believe, just like touching upon Love that is real and pure from the source, every drop of it, and every bite of this chocolate, becomes imbued with meaning and fulfillment, and cravings of any nature are released; for what has replaced needs that require constant maintenance and attending to... is balance that is real and pure. Couldn't ask for more, for it's already here with this chocolate :) I found my sweet nirvana. Leaves a beautiful taste in mouth :) like a warm subtle vanilla. Yes, yes, yes to this chocolate. Sweet Vanilla Vibhutti!


Nadine and Ron, I just got the parcel and I just tried both of the chocolate bars and, Wow, they are amazing.  You never do cease to amaze me.

So good

Totally delicious - it's like nothing I have ever had.  It's surprisingly soft, which I like. I tried raw chocolate once before and it was bitter and not at all enjoyable.  This however, it a world apart.  I'm been prompted to go for the 6-bar sampler next.  Can't wait.


literally almost crying tears of joy from the vanilla vibhutti that came this morning -- oh my gosh...thank you!

In love

"Ignites sense memories of childlike meditations in wet soil, tugging on root vegetables just after a late summer rain.   This essence makes my baby girl exuberantly joyful, as if it's tickling her insides with it's sweet sensations. "


The Creation Story Behind the Bar:


Climbing into the belly of a smile, Nadine and Ron found themselves painting strings of stars on the Roof of the World. The auroral hour was upon them; light and night were mating, filling the atmosphere with song.


Ciphering the musical-messages of this electric air, Nadine and Ron followed the notes to a hidden lair. It was the rock of this cave, where many a Sadhu's drishti gazed upon the cosmic-nave, that they set a meteor-metate to pestle a paste of sunoti-sap. Sandalwood beads, cinnamon malas, arrow-branches of taheebo, berry of camu, criollo cacao and the inner seed-ashram of vanilla's moccasin bean on the mixing-stone were laid. They played and played until nectar was made.


While moonbeams and stardust still shone on the saffron-streaks of dawn, they gathered the mixed amrita-crème to sow around the globe's ground. Across the earth's mantle they planted seed-syllables of yum. Like this.


With hands full of dirt, up curled ananda-asanas to the sun: benedictions of bliss unfurled orisons of praise to meet horizon's blaze. Amazed each moment, they find what they need. Like this. Rays of the sun split the ode of each seed-bead. Then out of the soil bewildered in love, sprouted a tree of Samadhi-glee entwined with vanilla's inflorescence vine. This unity sent forth invitations: vast intricate strands of trumpet telegrams dripped from the jubilant-jewels of orchid's throat. Open secrets of this flower adornments sutra was yearning to commune that midnight's moon is the dance of high noon. Vanilla's aerial-roots tapped into the invisible ethers and Nadine and Ron received a darshan to dash duality's grasp. Now imbued with the lyric of laughter, they felt it was the deep-down shadows of the giggle-grotto that joined the juice of joy up to the crown.


Unspoken words. Silent-soma soars in and out. Like this.


Organic Raw Ingredients: Cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, camu-camu berries, purple maize, pau d'arco, vanilla beans, raw honey, cinnamon, and virgin coconut crème.

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Organic Raw Ingredients: Cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, camu-camu berries, purple maize, pau d'arco, vanilla beans, raw honey, cinnamon, and virgin coconut crème.

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