Oral Care Refill Bundles

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Oral Care Refill Bundles -new

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  • Oral Care Refill Bundles -new
  • Oral Care Refill Bundles -new
  • Oral Care Refill Bundles -new

Quick Overview

Refill and restore your oral ecology with our Oral Care Refill Bundles – abundant bundles brimming with natural botanicals and mouth-affirming majesty.

Our bundles include gentle-yet-powerful alkalizing toothpastes, Happy Gum Drops, superior swishing oils and Smart Floss refills.

Choose from 3 brilliant bundles to assist you in your Successful Self-Dentistry routine:

Option 1:

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel 10ml
Happy Gum Drops 15ml
Happy Gum Clay Toothpaste 15ml
Happy Gum Drops Swishing Oil 50ml
Smart Floss Refill

Option 2:

Happy Gum Drops 15ml
Happy Gum Clay Toothpaste 15ml
Happy Gum Drops Swishing Oil 50ml
Smart Floss Refill

Option 3:

Happy Gum Drops 5ml
Happy Gum Clay Toothpaste 15ml
Happy Gum Drops Swishing Oil 50ml
Smart Floss Refill

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Impressed by results

I started using this bundle two weeks ago with the Happy Gum Drops, Neem Enamelizer, Frankincense TrueTooth toothpaste and the Smart Floss. I'm pleasantly surprised and have really noticed a difference in this short time. I do a himalayan salt brine swish, followed by a drop of healthy gum drops and neem enamelizer on a dry brush, swish with water, then a Sonicare with the frankincense toothpaste, and floss with smart floss/healthy gum drops. While the taste of the enamelizer and toothpaste is not all that great, I just make sure to swish immediately so I don't taste it. Using this method leaves me with fresh breath all day (not minty, but definitely not mid-morning dragon breath like I got with regular toothpaste). The enamelizer leaves my teeth very smooth and silky, I love it! *** I'm really happy with my results and look forward to natural oral care for years to come!


Ozonated Happy Gum Gel

Infuse your oral cavity with healing, nourishing oxygen. Our Ozonated Happy Gum Gel is created with three atoms of nascent oxygen, or ozone - the earth’s purest breath of life.

Based on the 19th century discoveries of Nicola Tesla, ozone has been shown to be highly antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Today, cutting-edge dental practices use ozone to ease the pain of root canals, fight cavities, protect damaged nerves and speed healing after surgery. <

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel can be used to treat oral pain and protect the entire cavity from decay and future problems. Use it as a natural toothpaste, a massage gel for the gums, a sparkling breath freshener or a zippy additional to your Smart Floss strands.

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel is crafted with three perfectly poised oxygen atoms plus ozonated organic olive oil, clove bud, seabuckthorn berry, tea tree, peppermint, rose otto, cinnamon, thyme linalool and oregano essential oils. 10ml

Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste

Purify your mouth, teeth, gums and entire oral cavity with the detoxifying power of pure pyrophyllite clay. Our Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste is used to protect the teeth and mouth from outside invaders while drawing out existing toxins and flushing them from the body – every time you brush!

In addition to pyrophyllite clay, Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste is hand-crafted with sodium bicarbonate, saponified olive oil and coconut oil; plus clove, peppermint, rose, oregano, tea tree, cinnamon, thyme linalool, and seabuckthorn essential oils.

Pyrophyllite clay is so powerful that only a small amount is needed for brushing. Add a dash of Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste to a dry toothbrush for a deep-clean polish, then follow with Happy Gums Ozonated Gel or Happy Gum Drops.

Happy Gum Drops Swishing Oil

Oil swishing, or oil pulling, is an ancient Ayurvedic practice used to eliminate toxins from the oral cavity, freshen the breath and prevent chronic dental problems. Over a dozen scientific studies show that regular oil swishing can prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, bleeding gums and receding gums.

By holding and swishing Happy Gum Drops Swishing Oil in your mouth for 10+ minutes, you’ll detoxify the mouth and gums while balancing every inch of your oral environment. As you swish, toxins and pathogens are drawn to the oil. When you’re finished swishing, those pesky invaders exit the mouth along with the oil – all you have to do is swish and spit!

Created with CoQ10 and nutraceutical MCT coconut oil, Happy Gum Drops Swishing Oil dives deep into every crevice. It’s cleansing liquid gets between the teeth and into the gum pockets, pulling toxins from within the tissue so they can be flushed out when the oil is removed from the mouth.

To these ultra-concentrated botanical-biotics we have added clove bud, cinnamon, peppermint, oregano, seabuckthorn, rose otto, tea tree and thyme linalool to freshen the breath, eliminate pathogens and say good-bye to gingivitis. Boost the balance of your mouth’s biome with Happy Gum Drops Swishing Oil. 50ml

Happy Gum Drops

Happy Gum Drops helps you to have the cleanest mouth and sweetest breath ever. Happy teeth, tongue, and gums allow you the full enjoyment of life's sensuality. Happy Gum Drops reaches into all the tiny crevices in your mouth and leaves them sparkling clean.

Happy Gum Drops contains super-critical extracts and essences of seabuckthorn berry, rose otto, oregano, peppermint, clove, tea tree, cinnamon, and thyme linalool. These organic and wild-crafted ingredients anoint all areas of oral care.

If you like flossing, you will love Happy Gum Drops! If you don’t like flossing, you will love Happy Gum Drops!

For pretty-in-pink gums use a drop for brushing, flossing, massaging gums, and mouth-rinses. A drop on a proxa brush, sulca brush, and rubber-tip stimulators may also help give you a clean, beautiful smile.

Smart Floss

Whether your mouth is filled with wide spaces, tight places or braces, Smart Floss is the high performance floss you have been looking for!

This soft, stretchy dental floss is gentle on gums and tough on plaque, helping to remove debris and food particles from your most hard-to-reach places.

Smart Floss is clinically proven to remove 40% more plaque than most commercial flosses. And unlike waxed, un-waxed and PTFE monofilament floss, Smart Floss is covered with a 100% natural wax blend – that means absolutely no petrochemical wax!

What’s more, Smart Floss is flexible enough to reach deep into the oral cavity while remaining gentle on fingers and sensitive gums. Use with a few drops of Healthy Gum Drops for best results.


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