Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance--Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations

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Renegade Beauty

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Rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness, abandon elaborate regimes and synthetic products, and reveal your renegade beauty.

In this essential guide, Nadine Artemis introduces readers to the concept of renegade beauty -  the art of doing less and allowing the elements and the life force of nature to revive the body, skin, and soul so our natural radiance can shine through. Anyone stuck in perpetual loops of new products, facials, and dermatologist appointments will find answers as Artemis illustrates the energizing elements of sun, fresh air, water, the earth, and plants. This book is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to simplify their self-care, take their health into their own hands, and discover their own radiant beauty.

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A Masterpiece!

Wow! This book is dripping with gems on every page. This book is a treasure and is cherished by me and my daughters. Thank-you

Love this book

Love this book. I have also been a living libations fan and now having Nadine's wealth of knowledge in a book is fantastic. I really like the way she not only generously shares formulations she addresses "essential beauty" and the cultural context that influences our view of beauty. Working in the health field I really value her up to date research and the poetical language of the book. Much easier for me to absorb than a step by step how to manual. No matter what your age I think you will feel uplifted by how she writes and the book makes me feel more beautiful - Thank you!! Great to be able to step away from the beauty counter without feeling the need to give up on wanting to be beautiful. Review from

I love it!

I have been waiting for a book from Nadine Artemis. I have listened to her interviews in several podcasts and she has really a fantastic person who helps people to understand the problem with most beauty products and gives wonderful advise how you can make your own beauty products and how your beauty really comes from inside out. Review from Amazon.

After reading this book, you will never shop department beauty counters again....

I have been a loyal Living Libations customer for a few years... I love their ethically sourced ingredients/products and the way my 55 year old skin has perked up by using them. Renegade Beauty is a gem... a wealth of information on beauty, botanicals and the science behind it. Nadine Artemis’ book could be considered a Botanical Beauty Bible... her knowledge is vast and backed by science in an easy to read, sometimes poetic, manner. I highly recommend this book for women (and men) of all ages who care about clean products that go in and on their bodies. Review from Amazon.

Call me a renegade!

Don’t let the pretty cover and all of the vibrant pictures fool you – Renegade Beauty is no fluff read. Artemis addresses every discipline that touches beauty. She starts with history and philosophy, moves to science, and ends with a mixture of botany and cosmetology...or maybe I should say cosmoetics. (When you read it you’ll understand.) There is a lot of science in here. She cites biology, dermatology, microbiology, and botany research studies to back up the assertions she makes in the book: why we need nature, why we really should toss most of our drug store and department store cosmetics, and why clean living and plant products are better alternatives. You don’t need a biology degree to understand these chapters either – her sense of humor and light-handed writing style are the spoon full of sugar that help the medicine go down (the pretty pictures help, too). And there is plenty of “how-to” for the DIY types like me. The last few chapters of the book are all about botanical recipes and tips for using plant oils – and, boy is it comprehensive! This goes way, way beyond fixing sags, bags, and wrinkles. From eye lashes to fingernails, pregnancy to perfume, and digestion to tooth brushing – it’s all in there. I bought the book because I am stepping back from commercialism and rethinking the ethics of the cosmetics industry, and Renegade Beauty is going to be my guide to a saner, natural, and more compassionate sense of beauty. Call me a renegade! I'm officially a fan. Review form Amazon

Goddess, genius, this book is everything you need to know!

Nadine, you have brought healing and guidance to my life when I needed it most. In a world where we are taught to look outwardly for healing and beauty, you guide the way back to self love and the heart. I’m so grateful every day for the knowledge, purity and integrity you bring to the world.

Makes it pretty easy to dive into a beauty routine that involves nature’s gifts

While we have never before experienced as much technology as we do today, this also means that we’ve never been so bombarded with ads and other people’s ideas of what would make us beautiful. In direct defiance of that, Nadine Artemis has encouraged women to embrace nature and the elements and to forgo the chemicals, products, facials, and so on. With a bevy of famous women as fans, it’s not hard to see why Artemis’s ideas, and her new tome Renegade Beauty, have a following. It also makes it pretty easy to dive into a beauty routine that involves nature’s gifts—as well as your own. Books That Bring Us Joy: November 2017 from Books for Better Living

Learn from one of the most radiant women on the planet how to fall in love with yourself, one practical self-care tool at a time.

In case you didn’t know, this legit goddess just dropped some deep wisdom in this gorgeous book about living a gorgeous life from the inside out. I loved every page. Get yours and learn from one of the most radiant women on the planet how to fall in love with yourself, one practical self-care tool at a time. From kellybroganmd on Instagram

Her extensive knowledge of women's beauty and health never ceases to amaze me.

So excited to have this book in my collection. It arrived today with some other goodies from @livinglibations that I will post about later. Nadine Artemis is my favourite beauty and women's wellness advocate. Her extensive knowledge of women's beauty and health never ceases to amaze me. She shares freely of her wisdom through interviews, podcasts and books. She also creates the most luxurious natural skincare on the market. I cannot wait to read these pages and discover the path to true inner and outer radiance through mindful practices. From wildheart.union on Instagram

Get one if you haven't!!

Lounging with my copy of Renegade Beauty by Nadine Artemis @livinglibations and loving each words, which I feel are imbued with divine femininity and natural beauty. I find Nadine balances a sense of urgency in abandoning synthetic cosmetics with easy bite sized suggestions on stepping into the world of botanical powers. As a reader, I understand the dire state that we find ourselves in now but without the sinking doomed helplessness that one sometimes get from awakening from what is the norm. The book makes me feel empowered and supported. It is also full of DIY tips for anything from acne to mental health issues.


Praise for Renegade Beauty

What is beauty? We all feel that a redefinition is in order, but the pioneers in this shift may come from a surprising arena. That is the intersection of science and spirituality, a vanguard front of change that will transform us from the inside out leaving us feeling nurtured, whole, and finally comfortable in our own skin. Renegade Beauty is a guide to this new terrain, complete with a personal roadmap for your own experience of beauty from the practical to the etheric. More than simply a beauty book, this is one of the most comprehensive guides to the new paradigm of health and medicine including essential myth-busting and evidence-based tips for true health and wellness. A long-time fan and supporter of Nadine's alchemical creations, this text reminds us how to get exactly where we most desire to go - home to the web of wonder that is the natural world. This book has soared to the top of my list for awakened vitality and self-healing.

—KELLY BROGAN MD, Holistic Psychiatrist and Author of The NY Times Bestseller, A Mind of Your Own

“Renegade Beauty melted me into the revelation that my body will heal –– and beautify –– if I stop short-circuiting it's power with chemicals and quick fixes. The beauty industry is a disempowering (and toxic) industry. Nadine's type of knowledge is the lotion and potion we need to apply.”

—DANIELLE LAPORTE, author of The Desire Map and White Hot Truth

“Nadine Artemis has been my essential oil mentor since I was 19 years old. She is a savant alchemist whose teachings are on the front lines of the self-care movement. I recommend her products and her teachings of profound visionary service to any and all.”


“Renegade Beauty poetically demonstrates Nadine’s devotion to glorifying true beauty— our inner beauty— and explores the ways we can harmonize with nature’s healing gifts and natural rhythms. A beautiful and unique book that offers far more than the beauty routine you might expect!”

ANTHONY WILLIAM, Author of Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal 

“Simply reading Renegade Beauty made me feel more beautiful. Nadine’s scientific and poetic style equals the lavish abundance of nature that she extols to restore. I loved reading about beauty from Nadine's perspective.”

—CAROL ALT, health advocate, actor, Fox News host, supermodel and author of A Healthy You

The truth will set you free. Seek and thou shall find… These are universal truths that stand the test of time. And these virtues, it seems to me, are at the heart of what these words Renegade Beauty mean.

The pursuit of vitality is navigated through deep listening. We quickly burn through our youthful reserves, as few of us have been taught how to replenish. The loss of this vital energy is key as to whether we live an inspired life. (One must have stamina to pursue what one dares to imagine.)

Nature has always been my teacher, so to turn to her divine intelligence as the source of my healing, renewed potency, and sustained power simply makes sense. All around us we see what is to become of us: old-age, illness, death… It is mimicked in nature all around us. No flower stays in full bloom forever. The wither comes for us all. Thank you, Nadine, for generously sharing your life’s passion with us. Guiding us and reminding us what we know is true. She ain’t called Mother Nature for nuthin’. She is what we are made of. Therefore, it is she that can heal us.

The beauty one seeks IS the gift returned by the vitality lived in pursuit of these Truths.

Stay thirsty - and let Them spill unto Thee. There is no way to peace; peace is the way.


 “Finally! The truth about beauty and skincare from someone I love and trust whose book will be a bible on the bookshelf for my three girls. 

I am most excited that this book will positively impact the future generations of young girls and women who are becoming aware earlier and younger in their lives of the emphasis society places on appearance and beauty. Nadine's knowledge and her deep wisdom about the body and what TRULY creates beauty is obvious and will be a relief for women everywhere. And, young women will be armed with knowledge of what to avoid and what to embrace and all with the poetic beauty that springs forth from this magical woman's heart.”

—MUNEEZA AHMED, Medical Intuitive, Nutrition & Emotional Wellness Coach 

Paperback: 448 pages

Publisher: North Atlantic Books (Nov. 14 2017)

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ISBN-13: 978-1583949696

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