Bottle Top Labels for Essential Oils

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Essential oil aficionados, let's get your apothecary organized!

Coded peel and stick labels for the lids of your essential oil bottles make it quick and easy. Instead of picking up each bottle to read the label, now you can identify the oil just by looking at the lid.


Our essential oil bottle top labels are coded by name, color, and symbol so that locating specific oils is a snap.

Type  Color Symbol
Carriers Turquoise Drop
Wood/ Resins Brown Circle
Flowers/Blossoms Pink Flower 
Citrus Orange Sun
Leaf/Grass/Needle Green Cross
Spices/Seeds Purple Diamond 
Beans/Berries Red Star

This full set contains 226 labels for essential oils, absolutes and carrier oils. There are two labels for popular oils like lavender and peppermint.

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