Forest Cologne - Eaglewood Ether

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Mountain and sky are the fulsome force behind this airy cologne of evocative Eaglewood oil. Masculine mountain magnetism emerges in a bark-balsamic-bouquet with a hint of sweet tobacco fortified with fresh, open air and rich resinous notes. This is how serene, steadfast, and free must smell.

...for the most part they quenched their thirst with deep draughts of mingled dew and rain, flavoured with forest flowers and the airy taste of the thinnest clouds."
Prince Caspian, CS Lewis


The Scent Experience

Eaglewood Ether is a fresh fragrance featuring Frankincense's open-oceanic and airy qualities that reverberate with the robust rhythm of Eaglewood's mossy-masculine cadence. The dry down embraces as it carries wafts of soft, sweet tobacco with a hint of oud. Woody-amber notes are warmed by balsamy Benzoin as this resin exudes hints of Vanilla and buoyant root-beer notes. White Cypress Leaf and Marjoram expand Eaglewood's mossy base with vivacious verdancy as Bergamot graces the chypre-accord with a splash of sunshine.


Directions: Spritz on neck, chest, and hair post-shower or after shave before you venture into your day. Spray in the air, on clothing, or in a room to uplift the space.

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  • Organic Ingredients:-
  • Eaglewood - Aetoxylon sympetalum
  • Frankincense - Boswellia carterii
  • White Cypress Leaf - Callitris glaucophylla
  • Benzoin - Styrax benzoin
  • Bergamot - Citrus bergamia
  • Marjoram - Origanum marjorana
  • Biodynamic Grape Alcohol

Eaglewood - Aetoxylon sympetalum

The fulsome force behind this robust forest cologne is the rare Eaglewood essential oil which emits a full-bodied, balsamic-bouquet with a spirited mossy undertone. This unique resin only appears in the bark if the bark is influenced by fungus, insect invasion, lightning strikes, and from the friction of rubbing against another tree. The altered sections of bark are aged and then distilled for several days. It shares scent similarities with agarwood (oud). The aroma acts as a spiritual cleanser; it enhances clarity and opens the upper chakras. Its warming and grounding qualities invite deep meditation. It supports respiratory relaxation. This rare bark was written about in the ancient Sanskrit Vedas, Buddhists use it to transform ignorance, and Tibetan monks use it to still the mind.