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If a walk in the woods could be captured in cologne, this is it! Living Libations Trees Please Forest Cologne is a fertile-fresh fragrance that evokes an early morning forest frolic, where dappled sunlight rests upon the dew-soaked needles of ancient evergreen trees. Immerse yourself in a fortified fragrant forest with each inhalation of Trees Please Forest Cologne.  


 As your feet feel the forest floor, the scent of pine and cedar reach every pore, aromatics are unleashed with resplendent revelry and you want to inhale more. The spirit of spruce invites verdant vetiver to play, while earthy patchouli and sensual sandalwood pave the way for fertile-fresh majesty.

The path winds deeper into the woods and you follow. Noble fir trees wrap you in a protective embrace as their evergreen needles emit lively grace. Spruce and bergamot leap from branch to branch, while silver fir carves earth angels and sets them free to dance.

Step into the depths of the forest with each revered breath of Trees Please Forest Cologne. The levity of this coniferous cologne opens the chest to a world of serene strength and revived revelry.

The trees exhale and we live!

Use: Spritz on neck, pulse points, or hair. This permeating scent can also be used as an uplifting room freshener and home spray to give a forest blessing to your day.

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  • Organic Ingredients:-
  • Black Spruce Oil - Picea mariana
  • Grand Fir Oil - Abies grandis
  • Douglas Fir Oil - Pseudotsuga menziesi
  • Silver Fir Oil - Abies alba
  • Cedar Oil - Cedrus atlantica
  • Vetiver Oil - Vetiveria zizanioides
  • Patchouli Oil - Pogostemon cablin
  • Sandalwood Oil - Santalum album
  • Bergamot Oil - Citrus bergamia
  • Organic Biodynamic Alcohol

Black Spruce Oil - Picea mariana

Soul-satisfying Spruce is wild-crafted and steam-distilled deep in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Spruce is a scented-salve that is invigorating, and revs clarity levels. Enjoy an inviting fragrance of evergreen, freshly fallen snow, and sweet wood as you clarify the breath and ease the tension of time.