Love Notes

I ordered a bunch of your product – was so excited to see it came from Canada, I’m Canadian – and I’m loving alllll of it so much. I washed my daughters hair with the shampoo and conditioner tonight and it was so soft and smooth, the Dew dab is MAGIC and the frankincense oil has transformed my skin in the matter of days. Thank you!


Thank you thank you thank you for your magic potions and 8 steps that have given me my mouth back and ALSO for giving me hope to get through the bleak months it took to heal!!


I absolutely love your products. In every field there is a person who understands the science and soul of that field on a super human level, and you are certainly that person when it comes to natural products and aromatics...Read More


Thank you for all of your magical products - they have changed my life!!


This stuff is not only eco-packaged, but the best damn skincare ever made. I have stopped using everything else.


Your essential oils are the purest I’ve come across...they literally vibrate with plant energy...really hope to visit your headquarters one day!


Getting my package today made my day:) thank you for the incredible customer service it’s very refreshing, the samples were very kind, I tried a serum that I think I’ll purchase next time a make an order. I love living libations it truly has helped me with so much, I had terrible acne before I found you guys and now my skin glows. Cust...Read More


I'm in such adoration of your products. Vibrationally, they are superior to any skincare I have ever used. My favourites are Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, Zippity Dew Dab, and your delicious serums, particularly the cell serum and soothsayer! All are so beautifully formulated. 


Thank you for all you do and setting such high standards. The few items I don't make myself at home I lovingly buy from this company. Besides their wonderful products, their packaging is completely plastic free- even the tape.


@LivingLibations has given me perfect skin! And the natural scents make you swoon. #magicinabottle


... if I had to pinpoint one thing that I love most about living libations, I would say that it’s Nadine’s sincerity and knowledge, that comes through in everything she creates. Our world needs LL, so thank you Nadine for being the pioneer that you are!!


The world needs more conscious beings like you and your company. All the products I bought are outstanding. The purity of the oils, the combo of scents, the way they come packaged....


Living Libations is a muse and saviour - I've never felt so intuitively connected to such a huge product list in all my life.


I have been using your products for about 6 years now - personal favourites include ALL of them. Best Skin Ever (seabuckhorn), your eye cream, Frankincense Toothpaste and Languid Love Butter. My dry skin is now dreamy and people are constantly remarking on how yummy I smell. 


Just letting you know that I just received my order and I am absolutely IN LOVE with them- they are simply amazing and I am so happy I made this purchase. Thank you so much for your fantastic products! I just know that my skin is going to love them. 


I love love love your brand!!! The philosophy, the formulations, the smells... You are just great and once I tried your products I don‘t want to use any other


I Love,Love,Love All your products!!!!!!!! The new web site is super great too!!!! Thank you for making the Best Products Ever!!!! … A customer forever


"... I’m in heaven! All I can say is I pray somehow these products will be made forever to these exact recipes as they are on another planet! I am devoted for life and I am telling all my loved ones about you guys. These creations are a true gift. If there’s any way Nadine and Ron can receive my gratitude, even better! If not I have s...Read More


I feel nothing but serenity & delight when using these beautifying potions. They are in alignment with both, my values and my body's well-being. It's a real treat! 

Feels like summertime on your skin.

...a huge thank you because you cleared my skin from acne, you saved my teeth via your products and your book, you made me feel pretty from within, you helped my breast after an operation with your magical oil.


Why smell like chemicals when you can smell like flowers? Living Libations has my favorite essential oil perfumes and people stop me all day to ask what I'm wearing...

I’m absolutely in love with everything you do and stand for. Your products have literally transformed my skin in any weather to match my radiant spirit! Finally I feel my skin loving what I put on it and take in.

I love all of your products especially the best skin ever sea buckthorn ... holy shit, it’s amazing. I love your products and philosophy towards skincare. I periodically watch the videos on your website just because I want to utilize every ounce of this magic.


...we have such trust in your company and feel honoured to be a small part of it.... I am sure that you know for yourself, but I cannot emphasize enough how so many companies ultimately have no integrity, there are a few and far in between who live up to true standards and quality.


Your products have changed my life! I am severely allergic to petrochemicals and even the smallest amounts give me chemical burns. It's such a relief to be able to wash y face and hair and brush my teeth without hurting myself. Thank you!


Thank you, THANK YOU, Infinite thanks... Living Libations is my favorite company bar none!! I don’t make a lot of money , but I do splurge when it comes to my health /products and companies I feel have integrity. I love Nadine and everything about her vision. I’ve learned so much, I feel LL is my University of Beauty.


Just wanted to say thank you, I adore your products and all that you do. Your team did a retail pop up in Southampton at my restaurant, Calissa, and I've been a fan ever since. It feels so good to use the face oils, masks and serums, and it's a treat to put on morning and night. The smells are so wonderful and nourishing, especially in a b...Read More

Since discovering LL a few years back - I have to say the products have completely changed my life - which perhaps sounds a bit dramatic, however, I am in an epic and ferocious battle with chronic lyme disease. To be able to have something so transformative as scent whether its oils, skincare, perfume etc to lighten my spirit/energy/day that propels a level of healing is beyond words!

I am loving my products so much, they are working magic on my skin! It feels + looks so different already!


There’s so many reason’s to make @livinglibationsvenice a destination while in LA, CA / beginning with being infused with pure ecstasy the moment you walk in the door you are instantly surrounded in high vibe beauty, accented with splashes of aqua - endless attention to detail -delicious, sensual, essential healing aroma...Read More


You're highly, highly revered here Nadine. I hold you very dear to my heart because of your courage to speak the truth. I started using your products 15 years ago and they have resided with me instantly, you have changed my life and how I see beauty.!! LL my go to for my essentials.


Living Libations. Changed my life. There’s nothing fake it’s a...Read More


... your products were crafted from the deep love from the love of your life, it started as a passion and it uplift my spirit and soul, my favorite healing balm and elixir. 


The best foundation is to create a foundation of radiant skin!!! Taking a few moments each morning and night to nourish your skin is a great opportunity to honor and love the skin you’re in. Nature gives us so many healing ingredients to play with that will promote the skin’s luminosity, thus allowing your beauty to shine from the insi...Read More


I've never had loyalty to just one brand in my beauty bag ever, but it's now evident and clear that my #livinglibations obsession is real and truely I'm grateful! 
From my skin, to my teeth, hair, body , pretty much all over ! I just cannot go back to anything else.

Once you start using high end quality beauty health products ...Read More


So excited for my latest order! You need to check them out! I have been buying my oils from this Canadian company for years. I love not only the exceptional quality of their products but also their dedication to reduce, reuse and recycle! From the mailing package to the bottles themselves- everything can be recycled! 


You folks make the most exquisite products I’ve ever come across and obviously hold that same high standard to your staff and business practices!   

I appreciate the professionalism, care and integrity I always receive from you no matter what. Supporting your business is a no brainer and I’m thankful LL exists!! 

I just wanted to say I received my order yesterday and have already tried all the products. They are amazing! I really love them.
I hope to be a customer forever! Hope you never go out of business.


Living Libations essential oils are the only ones I recommend to clients, friends and relatives, and the only ones that work synergistically well with me personally.
Nadine is helping so many people without even knowing it. So please let her know I am very grateful for her and Ron on this beautiful Planet, and for the integrity, pristine qu...Read More


Skincare is living libations ALL THE WAY! I dropped an insane amount, replacing everything with them this year. And it was well worth it! I can’t even begin to expand upon just how pure they are, but when you feel, smell, use them, you know - they are of the highest quality. And someone… who is energetically sensitive (yay us, sensitive supe...Read More


This was one of the first companies to come into my radar once I made a switch to #thegreenside - and I am kind of mad at myself for only trying them now. Everything I have tried to date is truly natural. And gorgeous. And potent. And organic. And beyond sustainable. And as pure as you can get. You get the idea!c


Nadine’s book and interviews and podcasts have radically changed the way I care for my face and body. No more synthetics and chemicals. Just natural products like oils (jojoba and sea buckthorn), bentonite ,raw honey and natural pigments like poppy petal powder (aker el fassi) and your maidenfern balm. All the chemicals and commercial products...Read More


I want to thank you for these amazing products. I finally have a deodorant that I can use and feel amazing while I work out. Everyone around me tell me i smell so clean and fresh. I thank you from the bottom of my heart


I have been searching for a skincare line to suit my insane on set needs for talent (and myself) and am beyond thrilled to have found you and can't wait to try out so many of your amazing products! For the past 2 seasons of Walking Dead and Fear TWD I have tried many products hoping to find the right fit. We work some pretty crazy hours in often...Read More


Living Libations is the future, if only all of the big corporations could do it this way.


I just wanted to give a shoutout to Joy for the awesome customer service experience! That is always a test of a great business! I love everything I have purchased here and now feel extra good and taken care of!


The Best face products ever.


6+years of best skin ever, and can't live without it!!


Best Skin Ever is THE BEST.


Every time I use @LivingLibations I say out loud, I Love These products! OMG so good.


Your products are the best there would ever be. I tried million of tings until... I was introduced to Living Libations! I struggled with acne and still do however ever since I tried your products my skin got back to life and looks healthy again. Thank you!


Just started using your products and I have always believed and felt in my soul that natural products were the best for our bodies. I was using products from a naturopathic dermatologist but they were surfactant and exfoliant based. After 2 days I could tell a difference in my skin and especially the texture of it. I have rosacea and sebo dermit...Read More


I’ve been meaning to write to you all since we received our products to say we are absolutely ELATED!! My husband, who was a sceptic about finding a natural solution to keep his dandruff and dermatitis at bay, is thrilled and a complete convert. He loves the products and keeps telling me how happy he is to use them and how blown away he ...Read More


Just received some new goodies from my favorite skincare company. livinglibations is amazing and I hope to never be without my favorites from them. If you've never tried them you really should. They produce their skincare using only the purest essential oils and carrier oils. They smell delicious and you will be addicted.


I fall in love with @livinglibations over and over again. They have some of the best offerings in green beauty. They use nothing but the best ingredients, made with the upmost care, and package their products in luxurious ecofriendly bottles. 


I just want to say thank you to Nadine for your wonderful products! I just turned 40 yesterday and I've been told that I don't look my age. My hair is growing strong and long again with the help of your Scalp Tonic and I've got a nice tan from using the Everybody Loves the Sunshine oil while I'm outside gardening. I also love my new favourite wh...Read More


I wanted to send you an email to tell you how beautiful your products are. I have been using a few of your products for over a year but recently changed all of my beauty products and essential oils and I am so glad I did. My skin is glowing more than ever- Ive had so many compliments...people are asking what foundation I am wearing haha- they ar...Read More


I am loving everything & will continue to order new treasures as I hope to own more & more as I replace all of my previous brands. I am amazed every day at the wonderful benefits I am seeing on my skin etc. Each product is magical & Nadine is truly gifted at creating all of these wonderful elixirs. Truly heaven sent! There are no wor...Read More


It is true! Literally every @livinglibations product I've tried just blows me away... every time. They truly do what they say & MORE and are just divine. My absolute faves

I just wanted to say Thank You for your amazing products they have truly saved my skin. I have been battling psoriasis since I was 18 I am now 41 and finally I have found something that clears up my skin. It is amazing. I am quickly buying everything and telling everyone I know.. Please, Please, Please do't ever change your quality. PERFECTION!!!!

I just received my small box today, as always it is perfectly wrapped so nothing leaks or brakes. I must say you guys made my day .... I pulled out my 3 bottles of essential oil, I was going to throughout the box in the recycling when I noticed at the very bottom of the box ... a sweet bag .... living libations cotton bag. Well I must say you ma...Read More


First, I want to say thank you for your amazingly fantastic line of products! My personal grooming routine has become far more magical since discovering Living Libations.


Do you mean Best Product Ever? Something I will never stop using


Love that one bottle takes care of everything; remove makeup,cleanse, tone, moisturize. Ethically and locally created with best natural ingredients

This is the best thing I've ever used on my skin, hands down!! I've been using this combo for over a year now and my skin has never looked and felt this good. I recommend it to everyone I know!!! Thank you!!!

I haven't found quality that has beat Living Libations yet. Seriously. No frills and fancy packaging, just the good stuff. I wish more companies were this honest.


THANK YOU! There is such a feeling of care that can be felt; from the moment the box landed in my lap to the annointing of oils, you can smell and feel the utmost care which goes into this! Here's to the purity of peace which our plant allies awaken within us! And to beloved you, spearheading this revolution by examplifying what it means to get ...Read More


I had the pleasure of finally getting my hands on @livinglibations oral care hygiene products yesterday at the @holisticbeautyexpo. What an incredible product line, it truly is so divine!


Lovling the recycled and biodegradable packaging! Expected nothing less form the amazing @livinglibations