Moccasin Flower Shimmer

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As the fading rays of the summer sun give way to fragrant fall, your eternal summer shines on!  Living Libations Moccasin Flower Lip Shimmer lets you create a sun-kissed glow upon lips, cheeks, and eyelids to highlight the delight of any season. This luminescent gossamer-gloss brings an aromatic amber-bronze botanical infusion anywhere you need a whispered wisp of the summer sun.


Keep the joy of summer alive with an infusion of botanicals and minerals that are sure to entice, blending the best of sunny summer and fervid fall in one delightfully dazzling concoction. Let your lips shimmer under the amber-bronze glimmer of Moccasin Flower Lip Shimmer.

The science behind the shimmer: more than a mere lip balm, Moccasin Flower Lip Shimmer is created with crystallized mica, nature’s natural gemstone light reflectors. This shimmering balm clings to make skin sing, reflecting the ambient light all around.

Directions: Apply to lips, dab on cheek bones, shoulders, eye brow bones and any place you want a summery sheen. Perfect over Lovers Lips and Balms and combined with our other Lip Shimmers. 

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  • Organic Ingredients:-
  • Jojoba - Simmondsia chinensis
  • Beeswax - Cera alba
  • Seabuckthorn - Hippophae rhamnoides
  • Rockrose - Cistus landiferus
  • Ylang - Cananga odorata
  • Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanioides
  • Mica - Phyllosilicate
  • Jasmine - Jasminum sambac

Jojoba - Simmondsia chinensis

Wholesome Jojoba drenches lips and cheeks with all soluble forms of nutrients and vitamin E. This naturally-occurring moisturizer sings with your skin because it’s nature’s closest offering to our complexion’s sebum.