Petal Perfume - Moccasin Flower

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Living Libations Moccasin Flower is a skippy wood nymph perfume that blossoms a bouquet of adventure for your quiver. Immerse yourself in amber notes of fresh, fragrant earth as you muse upon the verdant richness of the natural world. While sweet, sensual blossoms sparkle with nectar-notes, this scent caresses you like the warm wind. This rich floral-cordial adds spring to your stride and joy to your earth ride.

This petal-perfume is a ray of dappled dawn delivering amber notes from the balsamic rockrose that meets the aroma of vetiver’s woody forest floor. These fresh, mossy amber-notes drench the Ylang and Jasmine Blossoms strewn here and there, sparkling with sensuality reminiscent of resinous warm winds.

The pleasure of this delightful gem of a perfume is the authentic way it reveals the lovely qualities of ylang intertwined with wild flowering Jasmine, which quietly at first, and then quite unabashedly on contact with the skin, makes you want to roll over and do whatever it was you were doing, all over again…

Unleash your inner joy and let your moccasins run free, as you adventure with glee!


“Heading out this morning into the sun

Riding on the diamond waves, little darlin' one

Warm wind caress her

Her lover it seems”

 Heart, Dreamboat Annie


Use: Spritz on chest, neck, or pulse points. Adorn this scent for a fresh outlook on the day and to awaken your inner adventurer. Infuse your space for a warm breeze aroma all day.



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  • Organic Ingredients:-
  • Rockrose - Cistus landiferus
  • Ylang - Cananga odorata
  • Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanioides
  • Silver Fir - Abies alba
  • Jasmine - Jasminum sambac
  • Blood Orange - Citrus sinensis
  • Biodynamic Grape Alcohol

Rockrose - Cistus landiferus

Replenishing Rockrose is neither a rock nor a rose; it is a Mediterranean wildflower that resembles wild roses. The resinous amber notes of rockrose awaken the senses in an offering that is herbaceous and radiantly warm. Calming and elevating, rock rose heightens the emotions, making every sight, smell, sound and caress an invitation to dive deeper into the present moment.