Petal Perfume – Night Flight to Venus

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Your hypnotic night-flight awaits just beyond the rising moon with Night Flight to Venus Petal Perfume.Past as many worlds as atoms in a starry field, is a world called All Illuminating Flowers Blooming, where aromatic adornments are swirled to create a paradisal perfume in full celestial bloom. Bask in the aroma of a sultry summer night where honeyed-vanilla wafts into the air to mingle with hypnotic unfurling florals of night-blooming jasmine fused with the heady scent of hay heated by an eternal summer’s day.

With Venus, dazzling from dusk to dawn, this fragrance carries you to the realm where eternal sunsets and the velvet of night commune. It is here, in this celestial sphere of twinkling lights that we rise to the sense of nobility that resides within, graceful and all knowing. Inhaling this perfume, reveals the juicy-jewels of beauty and sovereignty to the floral-consciousness of your mind.

Night Flight to Venus is an invitation to cosmic pollination.


Use: Set your sights on the stars of summer nights; a quick spritz on chest, neck, hair, or anywhere, will send you to celestial bliss.

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  • Organic Ingredients:-
  • Neroli Blossoms - Citrus aurantium
  • Jasmine Sambac - Jasminum sambac
  • Vanilla - Vanilla planifolia
  • Hay - Hierochloe alpina
  • Tangerine - Citrus reticulata
  • Massoia Bark - Cryptocarya massoia
  • Blood Orange - Citrus sinensis
  • Yuzu - Citrus junos
  • Organic Biodynamic Alcohol

Neroli Blossoms - Citrus aurantium

Gracious groves of Orange trees bloom blossoms of this ambrosial aroma. The distilled essential oil, Neroli, is light and lovely and the absolute distillation is luxurious aromatic dream of heady florals and nuanced greens. To create these exquisite essence, 880 pounds of flowers are harvested to make one pound of oil. When distilled to perfection, the absolute offers a far richer, more mysterious experience than steam-distilled neroli for knowing noses. This honeyed, sultry, scent has been lovingly applied by natural perfumers and floral fans for centuries. It is unabashed, exotic, and seriously sexy!.