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Get ready to dry brush and detoxify! Living Libations Verve Tonic Bundle has everything you need for dry brushing, detoxifying, and energizing. This clarifying kit contains Verve Tonic to fan your flow and venerate your vitality, a bronze-bristled Energy Brush for daily dry brushing, and a Clarifying Green Clay Soap to cleanse and renew. Let a new level of enlivening beauty-care begin!


Verve Tonic Bundle is a collection of vigorous offerings to humor the humours that flow through your beauty and wellbeing. Revive with this bundle that contains invigorating essential oils and an oxygen-boosting dry brush to rev stimulation and elimination. Dry brushing keeps the fluids flowing forward. When used with a robust elixir like Verve Tonic, dry brushing is boosted to the next level. Remember to dry brush from bottom top, always brushing towards the heart. Each Verve Tonic Bundle contains: Verve Tonic This elevating elixir fortifies your flow and venerates your vitality. The energy enhancing essential oils in this rousing tonic quicken and clarify so that you may launch with dynamism into your day. Verve Tonic puts vim and vigor in your step to get things going. 5ml Energy Brush Infuse your skin and body with the life-giving oxygen it craves. Our energy brush is made with robust bronze bristles that increase negative ion absorption by the skin. Because they contain real zinc and copper, each bristle paves an energized pathway, allowing increased amounts of oxygen to be absorbed by the body with each stroke of the brush. The Energy Brush can be used dry, or with our Verve Tonic by applying a drop or two to the palm of your hand and gently gliding the Energy Brush bristles over your palm, lightly infusing each bristle with these lymph-loving droplets. Clarifying Green Clay Soap This is beyond your basic bar of soap! Clarifying Green Clay is a botanical bar soap crafted with French green clay, one of the most absorbent and detoxifying elements in nature. This gentle, cleansing clay is mixed with the finest essences for a botanical bouquet that is balancing, clarifying, and soothing. Also known as sea clay, French Green Clay gets its mossy-hue from the natural, plant and mineral matter contained within.

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